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The Activities

– Route 4: It is the most dangerous route since for a long time it was considered the most used for the traffic of arms and drugs. This route happens through Belize and thus the crossing is realised towards Mexico. The immigrants change their routes constantly and also they create new since the security in the borders has increased years in the last. Surely not necessarily we spoke to prevent the traffic of arms or drugs, but the passage of the workers who come to Mexico looking for an opportunity to acquire a better standard of life, or at least for its families who remained in their countries of origin. The workers come to Mexico with a certain rate of time. The activities in they use which them throughout realise the year, doing of this crossing of people a constant phenomenon and with a certain period. In the case of agriculture, the migration depends on the season or of the harvests that are working, since if is only had a work in this field does not require of the presence of the person all the year.

Here two consequences can exist: as much because the workers return to their country of origin because they advance more towards a developed country. In the case of the documentation the feasibility is seen obtain the necessary papers for its demurrage in Mexico following the states in which the work works and that is obtained. Nevertheless, always this necessity doing fundamental that is had to the territorial fields as labor for this process and the people as much are increased require who it. Many problems involved with the documentation process exist of each person, but the main ones are the discrimination, the labor operation, extortion, the legal confusion, the omission and delays of the same proceeding that it avoids that an unstable resident person of the country obtains her documentation legal and necessary to reside free and permanently in national territory.

National University

Following the line, the productivity of the national capital is more and more precarious, because without the investment in every time better technology, hardly constitutes a productive country efficiently. Generating, this way, a tremendous deficit in the productivity, question that the productivity of the work also harms. Thus, the third link of the chain of the growth, this considerably stopped. Because, when we analyzed, briefly, to the investment that generates a greater capacity in the work, the education and the labor experience, we were with atrocious difficulties. It is that, following with the productivity of the work, the education happens, at the moment, perhaps, by one of the worse moments of history in our country. As far as the experience, with each crisis that so subsists ours struck nation (one every six years), the workers go of work in work, without securing the experience necessary to dominate the market of their constant work.

On the other hand, the three essential pillars that I consider to secure to a constant and better increase of the well-being of the population, by means of the sustained growth and of the development economic, they share a common variable: the investment. In this case, it is essential that the country controls the national investment, logando a continuous increase of the same from the two spheres: public and the private one. Although the public one is the variable that handles with discretion, because it is part of his economic policy, fits in her a consideration of which it is not as fundamental as the other economic variables. However, on the prevailed one it does not have the reins on his hands, but it would have to consider the way to increase the same, by means of economic incentives. With these two variables in continuous increase, it is than difficult more that to some government the way escapes to obtain to him so longed for growth sustained. Improving, this way, to the well-being of Argentina. Population that, without doubts, this in constant diminution of improvements in its quality of life, obtaining that every day they enter the poverty and the poverty thousands of compatriots. Student of the race Economy of the National University of Villa Maria.