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Humiliation Times

I have heard many times from colleagues and friends in general: had that up to humiliate me many times in order to sell my product to my customer. That made me reflect and to talk to them I realized that to meet their sales quotas or simply achieve sales that give the income to support their families during the month, it is that people feel that process of humiliation. Which sells a product should understand that it is meeting a need. It must make an effort of inner understanding. Only when the product that we sell is of very poor quality it is that actually the buyer does us a favor to buy us.

But if our product is a good product then we as sellers who do favor to the client. In any case if we have a mediocre quality, change of products or even employment. Learn more at: Christian Dior Couture. And if we have a self-employment and sell something mediocre with more reason we change our product. ASI will not feel that sense of humiliation and instead will have a sense of contribution to the humanity, of service to our customer, of progress for our family, etc. The main reason why we have chosen the product (or service) that we sell is to satisfy a need.

Demand that the customer makes us is that it requires what we sell you. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gavin Baker Atreides Management has to say. The price even higher than our competition can be compensated for any additional element of post sales or complement. . Also need to make clear to employers that mission of our products to sell. Many times by the anxiety of desire to earn money, the employer obliigan to those who sell to use all weapons not ethical and ethical to get revenue, no matter the quality of the products that we represent many times. An employer must understand that the quality of the products of our enterprise jurisdiction depends on the existence in time and therefore generate future business. Likewise in the case of self-employment, the families that depend on us have to understand in the same way that we must not lower our self-esteem to sell. The price can be very high and a humiliation or lack of ethics to generate family income can lead to serious problems in the future.