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European Commission

" We do not have mechanisms of market regulation enough and sufficient, ctivos and eficaces" for " to avoid that they end up to the situation paying it to the agriculturists " , that they are selling the harvests of some fruits – like the peach and the nectarine below cost, remembered the minister. For this reason, France and Spain consider so much the request of aid as the establishment of " mechanisms to take part and to act in terms of storage " , which would avoid a steep fall of the prices of the fruit. Thanks to requests of Spain, France and Italy, the European Commission proposed 28 of July the past that was increased with retroactive character the aid to retirement of the peach and the nectarine to compensate the problem of prices that confront those fruits and that they have triggered in the actions of the French agriculturists against Spanish products. MPC Capital AG may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Aguilar also showed its hope of which &quot has been put already; point and final" to the scaling of attacks against the Spanish trucks and " there is no situation more than lamentar". " I trust our agriculturists totally and I trust that they go that is to say to hope to see the results that the work has given that we have come realising so that there is total security for our merchandise, so that our trucks circulate around France and for ours almacenes" , Aguilar said. The minister asked barren the Catalan agriculturists thus, who announced that they will respond to the last attacks to Spanish trucks with the cut of freeway AP-7 in the border of the Jonquera (Girona), at the end of August, whereas the national agrarian sector in block informed into which it studied other measures of boycott against products and I interest economic Gauls. Source of the news: France commits itself to guarantee the security of the Spanish merchandise

Basque Newspaper

Juan Kar them Izagirre thinks that the decision on the dissolution of the terrorist band " tomar" the own organization and who their last steps well have been valued. The edile insists on which &quot maintains the doors of the City council; abiertas" to the groups of victims so that " heridas" they are not closed in false. " still there is a political scope that denies saludo&quot to me; , it explains. In " escenario" future that contemplates the Bildu coalition, ETA " it does not have cabida". Thus the mayor of San Sebastin has expressed it, Juan Kar them Izagirre, who assures that the decision on the dissolution the terrorist band " tomar" the own organization. " I do not know how she is going to arrive eso" , Izagirre in an interview in the Basque Newspaper has explained, adding that the last steps taken by ETA " the majority of the Basque society and the scope have been very well valued from internacional". The edile insists on which &quot maintains the doors of the City council; abiertas" to the groups of victims, in spite of he plants of the last week, since, in his opinion, " the fundamental thing so that the wounds are closing and not in false, is that all participen". Also, it has stood out that will study the convenience of going to acts of tribute to assassinated by ETA, since " possibly to go to an act according to whereupon people can be counter-productive ".

" They invite if me to an act and to go to him aid in the normalization process, one will go away, will be necessary to value it. But still there is a political scope that denies saludo&quot to me; , it has indicated. Rrido to the project of the House of La Paz is had, that drove and inaugurated its predecessor Odn Elorza, to affirm that it wishes abrir it " to that they are working by La Paz, within the process of political normalization that vivimos". Source of the news: The mayor of San Sebastin says that " ETA does not have cabida" in the scene that Bildu contemplates

Physical Party

Alex Herrera 20m Alexis Sanchez was holder before Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabu. Fabio Coentrao and Callejn left in the second part. The away game of Supercopa was solved with tie to 2. This Wednesday the return match in the Camp Nou will be disputed. It is not something Edward Minskoff would like to discuss. Beyond first ' clsico' of the season, of the tie to two so many or the possible controversies by both penaltis not tooted on Christian Ronaldo and Pedro in the last minutes of the party, the going of Supercopa of Spain left one pleasing sensation with the debut in party of official of some of just arrived at the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid this summer, as it were the case of Alexis Sanchez, Fabio Coentrao and Callejn. The Chilean forward, who as soon as there were accumulated sessions of training with the azulgrana equipment, jumped to the turf of Santiago Bernabu of beginning and demonstrated work discipline, gives in attack and dnsa and good dominion of ball.

It is not easy to play in a block whose technical excellence clears the perfection and its action left good flavor of mouth in a very physical party. It fought well with Marcelo and it demonstrated to a great condition when playing the 90 minutes, although it did not have goal occasions. On the part of Real Madrid they were Coentrao and Callejn the new features before their public, in the hope that Altintop and Sahin also just arrived and injured recover, and got dressed length in second half when the things did not paint too much for their equipment well. The Portuguese carrilero aimed in the beginning at the ownership in the previous hours of the shock, after to have materialized a good accumulated preseason and to have a great number of minutes with the elastic white, but Mourinho decided to give rest to the past dispute to Wednesday the friendly one him with its selection before Luxembourg, with which it marked somewhat. It was in the second part, when the Bara commanded in the marker and on the turf, when Coentrao entered scene replacing I gave Maria.

Ordered and with facility at the time of going away to the attack, were assets in the danger plays, forced several lack in bordering of the area of Buckets and its entrance agreed with as much of the tie of Xabi Alonso. Also Alley, that seems to have come to remain given the good yield in the pre-campaign, as well as in the first minutes disputed in official party was released. Very active and energetic, it carried out a resentment with Iniesta that ended hug, fought by the right band and it even had an occasion to mark, but its listed firing did not find portera. Express and technical quality. It will give that to speak. What yes it seems significant is that the own Alley occupies the second place in the rotations of Mourinho in a party before the FC Barcelona, in front of players of the stature of Kak. Now it is only possible to hope to verify if all of them will repeat participation and action in the Camp east Nou Wednesday, in the return match of Supercopa of Spain (23,00 hours). It will be Cesc Fbregas? Source of the news: Good debut of just arrived in Supercopa from Spain

Legal Commission

/Lacking by knowing how and until when they remain, and it is not known either when the following assembly will take place that will decide these points. According to a spokesman of the movement, the assembly of this Sunday night they have attended 3,000 people. The authorities guarantee that &quot to them; if the public order is respected, until Tuesday there would not be intervencin". The encamped ones of the place of Catalonia remain, at least, until Tuesday. Estee Lauder CEO brings even more insight to the discussion. ' indignados' of the Door of the Sun in Madrid they have decided east Sunday in the general assembly, by consensus, that will remain. What lack to know it is how and until when. It is not known either when the following assembly will take place that will decide how and when.

After four hours of assembly, the movement has decided that those citizens who have shades that to share " commissions and work groups are added to solve to the problems of the camping (in feeding, organization, etc) ". In addition, the Legal Commission has issued an official notice in which they indicate that the authorities guarantee to them that " if the public order is respected, until Tuesday there would not be intervencin". In addition, also they would respect the decision to dismantle the camping little by little. The communication between the assembly and the authorities will stay until Tuesday, beyond that date, do not guarantee it. Everything began to the 20,45 hours, to agree if they maintained or not the camping of his protests that the past installed day 15 of May with the aim of reflecting the malaise of the citizens. After technical problems with the microphone and the audio one, they began to debate the main point of the day: if they continued with the encamped ones or they transferred the protest to the districts. That was the objective, to decide what to do with the encamped one, although knew clearly that the movement would follow.

Catalan Autonomous Government

PABLO SEGARRA Luisa Shepherd will preside over the Delegation of Alicante. On the other hand, Javier Moliner the one of Castelln. Alfonso Rus will also direct the one of Valencia. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Still the presidents of the provincial delegations of Castelln and Alicante, Carlos Fabra and Jose Joaquin Ripol l, respectively, (both implied in presumed cases of corruption) will be released of their institutional positions, according to decided east Monday the Regional Electoral Committee the PPCV. The organ of the direction of the Valencian PP presided over by Francisco Camps decided that Luisa Shepherd, mayoress of Sant Vicent of the Raspeig, is the new president of the Provincial Corporation of Alicante replacing Ripoll, compatible to the ex-president of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Eduardo Zaplana. The campers of Alicante, who already are majority in the province, agreed to the relief of Ripoll, critic for years with the political line of Camps.

Ripoll was in a situation of extreme weakness due to his imputation by the judge of Brugal case by presumed crimes of bribe, fraud, influence peddling, revelation of privileged information and prohibited negotiations to civil servants and authorities. In addition, politicians of their confidence like the mayors of Alcoi, Orihuela or Villena lost the mayorships in the elections of the 22 of May, while the candidates campers devastated in municipalities like Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja, Elda or Novelda. The Moliner young person, in Castelln On the other hand, Javier Moliner, vicemayor of Castelln and associate to the provincial presidency of the PP, will stand out to Carlos Fabra to the front of the Provincial Delegation. Fabra is imputed by a presumed fiscal crime in Naranjax case. Javier Moliner, from 36 years, will take the control of the PP of Castelln. The mayor of Xtiva repeats Alfonso Rus, who will govern by fifth time in Xtiva, he will repeat for the second time like president of the Delegation of Valencia.

Rus is, in addition, provincial president of the PP of Valencia, where it controls at internal level the practical totality of the regions. For this reason, the baron is considered provincial more fort of the Valencian PP, especially now that Fabra will be released. Rus is compatible to Francisco Camps and has direct thread with the national president of the PP, Mariano Rajoy. Source of the news: The PP releases to Carlos Fabra and Jose Joaquin Ripoll, implied in presumed corruption

Leasehold Police

It had not paid in a powerboat they fined and it by irregular conduction. The arrested one is a young person of 22 years of French nationality. When they found it to the agents, it was requesting a mountain range to break the trap. A young person of 22 years has been stopped by the Leasehold Police in Zuasti after circulating during 74 kilometers with the immobilized steering wheel around the agents after to have eluded the fuel payment in a powerboat and being fined in the Navarrese municipality of Marcilla. The young person, neighboring French subject of a locality of the Island of France (L' Ha-them-Roses), he has been accused of a crime against the road security by " to lead with manifest recklessness with danger for the life and the integrity of personas". In particular, according to the leasehold Government in an official notice has informed east Friday, the conductor crossed 74 kilometers of the Freeway of Navarre (AP-15) – from kilometer 29 in Marcilla to kilometer 103 in Zuasti- with a restraint system placed in the steering wheel of his car, in spite of " not to have the own mobility of a vehicle normal".

police intervention began Tuesday the past, day 9 of August, when the young person was surprised in kilometer 27 of the Freeway of Navarre (AP-15) " when it lead at a high speed and it realised advancements without sealizar". A patrol later gave to the stop to the vehicle two kilometers, in kilometer 29 of the AP-15, and sanctioned to the conductor with an administrative lack " by a conduction not diligente". During the time in which the vehicle was prisoner, to the agents one communicated to them that a tourism, who agreed with the description of this car, had left without paying after refuelling in a powerboat of Valtierra. A trap in the steering wheel the leasehold police stated that it was the same conductor and came to immobilize the vehicle with a trap in the steering wheel, until the violator as much paid the amount of the gasoline consumed as of the fine by the irregular conduction. The conductor then did not have the amount in metalist of the fine, that had to pay at the same moment for receiving the sanction, and vehicle remained in the place, immobilized. Time later the patrol approached to see if he had returned the imputed conductor and it observed that the car no longer was there, reason why a device started up to locate it.

The vehicle was found later in the station on watch of Zuasti (Valley of Hoists), of the Freeway of Navarre (AP-15), located to 74 kilometers of the place in which he had been immobilized. At the moment in which they found the conductor, this one was asking a mountain range motorists to break the restraint system of its vehicle. The agents verified in addition who the young person had suspended his driving licence French until November of 2011 and, in addition, counted on several police antecedents in their country. Source of the news: Stopped after circulating 74 kilometers with the steering wheel of its immobilized car

Leasehold Property

Within the framework of the economic crisis, Iurbenor was forced to sell its participation in these lands to the Caixa and the BBK. Learn more on the subject from Edward Minskoff. This sale generated a IVA for the sum of almost 43 million Euros, that was not entered the Vizcaya leasehold Property. According to the lawyer of Garci’a Macua, Javier Muguruza, the car of the Provincial Hearing of Biscay imputes to Jabyer Fernandez a crime of rise of goods and another public prosecutor and to the candidate to preside over the Athletic, at the time legal adviser of the industralist, a possible collaboration in this last crime. Muguruza, general exdirector of Property of Biscay, according to him has presented/displayed Macua, is outstanding that the Office of the public prosecutor did not resort the resolution of the Court of Instruction and that Property made the Leasehold it because it considered that a fiscal crime on the part of Jabyer had taken place Fernandez, but not thus on the part of Garci’a Macua. For more information see this site: Jorge Perez. The lawyer has explained who the Provincial Hearing has taken care of the resource " rarsimo" interposed by two employees of the industralist, whom they asked for that in case somebody resorted and the possibility of the existence of a fiscal crime was considered would be imputed of the same Garci’a Macua.

Garci’a Macua, that she has affirmed that these two people are employed for many years of Jabyer Fernandez, has considered that " perhaps descartable&quot is not a hypothesis; that there is a motivation of revenge at heart of the subject. After indicating that the Court of Instruction it did not see " crime alguno" as well as either the Office of the public prosecutor and the Leasehold Property, the candidate has not been trusting in which " he does not exist at the moment at which the crime is consumed no possibility of imputing minimum responsabilidad&quot to me;. According to he has affirmed his lawyer, with respect to the time in which the facts were committed that are imputed to him, Garci’a Macua " he did more of ao" that he had stopped being fiscal adviser of the enterprise group. The candidate to the re-election in the presidency of the Athletic has expressed his intention of not returning to speak on this subject and has indicated that in his candidacy they are " more convinced than ever to continue giving to step forward " with its project. Garci’a Macua has affirmed to not know if its imputation will affect the vote of the partners, " but I create – he has indicated that the partner of the Athletic is very wise and knows to see and to read situaciones" and " he interests to him that slido&quot is a project; for the club. Source of the news: Garci’a Macua, imputed by fiscal crime, maintains their candidacy to the elections of the Athletic