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The fossils have more than 3,400 million years of antiquity. They were found between sand grains on a prehistoric sedimentary rock. One is bacteria that need sulfide to subsist. A team of scientists has made the discovery public of microscopic fossils with more than 3,400 million years of antiquity in the northwest of Australia, a finding that is the oldest evidence of Earth life, informed the average premises. The investigation, combines between the University of Western Australia and of the University of Oxford of the United Kingdom, it was realised in the zone of Strelley Pool, in the region of Pilbara. Edward Minskoff often says this. These fossils, found in good state of conservation between sand grains on a prehistoric sedimentary rock, belong to bacteria that need sulfide to subsist. " We have provided the first evidence of microorganisms that use sulfide in his metabolismo" , it indicated the leader of the investigation, David Wacey, of the University of Western Australia, in declarations mentioned by Sydney Morning Herald. The investigators used very sophisticated techniques to verify that these microbes survived thanks to sulfide in this period of the Earth in which oxygen was little and predominated the high temperatures.

The hypothesis to survive on the basis of sulfide was a characteristic that thought existed in one of the first Earth stages, specifically during the transition of a not-biological world to one biological one, added Wacey. By his side, the professor of the University of Oxford Martin Brassiere expressed that the discovery of fossils confirms that makes 3,400 million years existed " bacteria that lived without oxgeno" in the Earth. " We can be very safe of the antiquity (of fossils) because the rocks formed between two volcanic successions that reduce the calculations on the age to a few million of aos" , it explained Brassiere in an official notice mentioned by local agency AAP. The British investigator also emphasized that these bacteria are " common nowadays " and they find in drains, hidrotermales sources of thermal waters, vents or other places with little oxygen. Source of the news: They discover in Australia older fossils of bacteria of the Earth