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Berlin Goolge Analytics Seminar

The Internet Agency from Brunswick, TILL.DE offers seminars in various cities of Braunschweig in August 2013 Google AdWords, 11.07.2013 – the first half of the year brought many visitors of your Google AdWords and Google analytics company TILL.DE seminars. CohBar helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The regularly offered seminars were attended by a total of over 1000 satisfied seminar participants now and also in August many training courses are offered by TILL.DE again. The seminars are held in the cities of Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and Leipzig. What content cover the seminars? The Google AdWords seminars are held in a basic version for beginners, as well as in an advanced version, which is aimed at advanced. The Google AdWords basic seminars cover mainly basic content. Go to Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX for more information. This Google AdWords discusses, for example, basic functions such as creating an account, creating campaigns and ad groups, or also the efficient determination of relevant keywords.

The Google AdWords advanced seminar agenda covers, however, seminars more in-depth topics. Here, for example, remarketing, conversion tracking, or even the campaign optimization are topics such as detailed. The Google Analytics seminars allow participants an extensive insight into the functions of Google’s analysis tool. There are detailed analysis and evaluation of reports as well as discussed the installation of the tracking code for Google Analytics. Seminars is characterized mainly by a very practical design and the opportunity of for active participation by the seminar participants. Who should attend a seminar by TILL.DE? The seminars of the company TILL.DE are addressed especially to small and medium-sized enterprises that want to convert your advertising budget effectively in prospects and new customers.

The seminars show how this long term to implement and offer a perfect introduction to the extensive possibilities of programs of the company Google. Will the seminar participants also benefit from years of experience of the speakers Joachim Schroder, who is one of the few Google certified trainers in the German-speaking countries is active. Dates for seminars from TILL.DE in August 2013 Google AdWords basic seminar – for beginners 06.08.2013 Hamburg 13.08.2013 Brunswick Google AdWords advanced seminar – advanced 22.08.2013 Berlin Goolge Analytics Seminar 07.08.2013 Hamburg 27.08.2013 Hanover ups to Seminare.html can be made on the website the seminars, there are also more detailed information.

Pilot Hamburg: Social Day On Moving Day

The agency group committed childhood Hamburg over the long term for the Foundation, 06th August 2013. At the 5nd it was goodbye pilot Hamburg besides and move to new premises in the new r 12 in Rotherbaum for about 250 employees of the Agency. The free day was useful, because over 50 pilots have exchanged their desk against brush, shovel and wheelbarrow, to beautify the garden and recreation Hall of the primary school Lammersieth. Thus, the foundations for a long-term commitment in favour of the Foundation was laid at the same time childhood. The Hamburg students at the start of the new school year can enjoy a completely redesigned school garden insect hotel and tipis. On one of the hottest days of the year, pilot agency employees rolled up their sleeves, planted shrubs and flowers, planted a herb spiral, and painted the concourse of the elementary school in fresh colors.

Specially designed children media training were a highlight of the Social days of pilot for the fourth-graders who have encountered very positive response among the students. In several lessons, the pilots closer brought interested students deal with the new media. What is the World Wide Web? What must I pay attention, when I surf on the Internet? Which sites are suitable for me and useful? Has been in the workshop child-friendly to the bottom of these questions and more. After a thrilling knowledge quiz, there was a Media Club card for successful participation in all children. It won’t stay at this unique usage, because the aim of the partnership between the pilot and the Hamburg-based Foundation is a long-term commitment for the well-being of disadvantaged children. “” Further actions are planned: with the initiative of learning kids “pilot Hamburg opens this fall for a children business day” the gates to the premises in the new Raven road and invites students to sniff Agency air and become acquainted with the exciting world of work of pilots. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TXs opinions are not widely known.

The Right

Spots and floods, spots, Sox mounted on or in the ground are for buildings, building sections, facades, artworks, advertising, plants, groups of plants or trees, flowerbeds, shrubbery, bushes or groups of trees. Mobile spots with spikes can be re-positioned. Our well mobile spots and cohkb on earth spikes are – used in planters and windowboxes, window box. We have mobile spots on earth spikes to embed them in planters and flowerbeds in front of a patio, too. For every child of illumination we have the right reference solution of SOX with round and rectangular floodlights.

For illuminating buildings, etc., floods or recessed ground cohkb are used. In alternative to floods and spots are our recessed ground luminaires or in ground, inground uplights, up lights IP 67 you can use our recessed ground luminaires for orientation lighting or accent lighting. They have a slewable, a symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. The recessed ground cohkb have a cast aluminum or stainless steel housing. Where a balcony is roofed our recessed ceiling luminaires or surface-mounted ceiling cohkb are a supplementary option. Of course all our cohkb are specially designed for outdoor use. Our quality cohkb with a high degree of protection are IP 44, IP 65 or IP of 67 they are quality luminaires with long-life, high-intensity lamps. Our of cohkb are for tungsten-halogen lamps floodlighting, temporary lighting, PAR lamps, incandescent lamps or tungsten halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, high pressure metal halide lamps, compact fluorescent lamps with plug-in base, energy-saving lamps or metal halide lamps, incandescent lamps, PAR lamps or tungsten halogen lamps, energy-saving and compact fluorescent lamps or halogen lamps and metal cortnie lamps. The product range are wall cohkb, recessed ceiling luminaires or surface-mounted ceiling cohkb, pedestal, bollard or column luminaires, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, pendant lamps recessed ground lamps, wall luminaires, LED luminaires, bollard luminaires, column luminaires, wall luminaires, pedestal luminaires, pilot cohkb mounted on a wall, mobile cohkb and spots.

Motorsport-Total.com Exclusive Online Media Partner Of The Race Of Champions

Now in Germany this year the world’s best racers occur for the first time the race of champions – the race of champions in a direct duel German soil to Motorsport-Total.com is as exclusive online media partner with at the start. Which driver is the fastest in the world independent of technology and bolide? This matter will be clarified for the first time this year on German soil. On the weekend of the 27th and 28th November 2010 arena rises in the Dusseldorf ESPRIT the race of champions. In the arena of 50,000 people, the world’s best riders of different racing series of the motor sports meet at the end of the season: among the seven formula one Champion Michael Schumacher, formula 1 shooting star Sebastian Vettel, former champion Alain Prost and Sebastien Loeb rally legend. Edward Minskoff is likely to increase your knowledge. If the driver under identical conditions, Motorsport-Total.com as exclusive online media partner with a brand identity at the event will be represented. In each race, the racers are drive exactly identical cars and deliver is thrilling head-to-head on a parallel course. In the framework of the Event promotion giving away Motorsport-Total.com, roc an exclusive price: A Motorsport-Total.com readers may take place during the competition in addition to one of the pilots in the car. The action is extensively advertised the leading motorsport portal in Germany to Motorsport-Total.com and settled as a viral campaign on the platform of Facebook..

Top Stars Of Fantasy In Dreieich

Festival of fantastic literature for the Frankfurt book fair in Frankfurt/Dreieich. For the 25th time, fans of science fiction & fantasy meet at the book fair convent (BuCon), Germany’s leading independent Convention for fantastic literature. This independent of the mass of the fantastic genre Festival on 9 October, 2010 and thus as usual parallel to the Frankfurt book fair. Celebrities are Markus Heitz, Tom Finn, Christoph Haider Salman, Bernd Perplies, Florian Don shows, Ju Honisch, Uwe Post and many others. Organizer a seasoned group of longtime, active in the fantasy scene fans in cooperation with the science fiction meeting Darmstadt, nationally known is through the highly successful “Darmstadt Spacedays”, as well as the Youth Club WIRIC in the civic book impact Association and the townhouses of Dreieich. The event is supported by the prestigious “science fiction Club Germany e.V.” which was founded in 1955 and is thus the oldest existing SF Club of the country. On four several hours Program tracks offer something the organizer with lectures, presentations and discussion rounds for each. Autograph – signing requests meets and love (and mostly free).

It is demonstrated that utopian and fantastic literature must be not necessarily trivial. Already, visions and predictions, which today belong to the everyday reality in their works offered George Orwell, H.G.. Wells and Jules Verne. Of course, but also the entertaining novel of voltage should not be missed. The organizers show that despite “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” and “Star Gate”, the fantastic book is not dead, but through the use of modern technology, as well as the possibilities of the Internet today again experienced an unexpected Renaissance.

Science fiction and fantasy can have a quite separate, independent of the Anglo-American space profile in Germany. The entire range of the readership to the bibliophile work presents the book fair convent. Fan-be does not stubborn consumption, but critical engagement with the author and his work. Perhaps nowhere else is the German science fiction & Fantasy authors & readers scene so alive, again authors and publishers from the German-speaking are expected to at this fair independent tradition event, to which over 350 visitors. You won’t find costumed crowds on this literary-oriented event but in vain. The ceremony is a highlight of the convents of the “German fantasy Prize”. This price is an audience prize, which is awarded annually in various, mainly literary categories. Like every year, it is already on Friday, the October 8, from 8: 00 to the preparation meeting. Time on the home page is the place. On Saturday, the 9.10, intake is from 10: 00. The entrance fee is 8 euros at the box office, discounts are available. The end of the convents is intended for 22. “Convention Center” is the House in Dreieich-Sprendlingen, spruce Street 50th accompanied the event, hosted by a well-stocked fantasy stock exchange. Numerous books and merchandising retailer contribute to the completion of some collection with its offer. The offer is complemented by various small publishers and author readings.