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These measurements are based on the analysis of stories, symbols, rituals and ceremonies to achieve some tracks. We cannot resort to interviews and questionnaires in order to clarify the values and beliefs; evaluate the statements of corporate philosophy, provides ideas on culture adopted in process. We also conduct interviews with employees to determine their perceptions of the culture of your Organization.Identification of culture is very important for the administrator of an organization in terms of the psychologist, both to ensure that they act consistently across the Organization, working in the sense of promoting divisive change of improvements. A study of culture allows understand the relationships of power, the rule unwritten, which is taken as truth, etc. In this regard it clarifies a series of behaviors considered apparently intelligible, allowing planning of consistent with the reality of organization performance. Whenever Avison Young listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Adds us Leo Disla, organizations are the expression of a cultural reality, that they are called to live in a world of continuous change, both socially and in the economic and technological, or instead, as any organism, shut himself up in the framework of its formal boundaries. In both cases, this cultural reality reflected a framework of values, beliefs, ideas, feelings and wishes of an institutional community. Organizational culture serves as a frame of reference to the members of the Organization and gives guidelines about how people must lead in this.

On many occasions the culture is so clear that you can see people behavior changes in the time that passes the gates of the company. Today he says, we need organizations to design more flexible structures to change and that this change occurs as a result of the learning of its members. This implies creating conditions to promote high performance teams, understanding learning teamwork involves generating value to the work and more adaptability to change with a broad vision towards innovation.