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Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are a regular feature in other motor vehicles as well as cars. However, its operation is not always well known. Already in the early designs of cars used oscillating springs in the suspension, which allowed that vehicles could navigate smoothly over uneven surfaces without that car suffered damage and without causing discomfort to the passengers or the driver. However, it was necessary to control the movements of these Springs, since in principle they could keep moving up and down until you exhausted your internal friction, which caused serious problems of maneuverability. Shock absorbers are that reduce these oscillations of the springs. Major absorbers of most vehicles are an element of lower the wheel cylinders, and contain a hydraulic fluid that helps control movement. The upper brackets of the own housing of the wheel are stationary; for its part, the lower section of the damping system belongs to the suspension system in General.

If something goes wrong with your shock absorbers it is important that you review them as soon as possible; otherwise, it could be compromised to you and others. However, the damage and malfunction of the shock absorbers may be more difficult to detect and diagnose other problems of your vehicle (such as a flat tire), because they do not offer a visual signal clearly their fault. The fact of the shock absorbers to deteriorate gradually with the passage of time also makes it more difficult to discover those changes on the way to move your car. For this reason, it is essential to do checked cushions regularly, preferably every six months. There is a time set in advance to replace the shock absorbers, since it depends on factors such as the quality of its manufacturing and personal habits of driving of each user. However, some manufacturers recommend replacing it later of between 30,000 and 50,000 kilometers. Also failures in these components in tours have been detected much more brief, even as low as 8,000 kilometers. Finally you should be aware that different types of shock absorbers do not have to have different times of life; the same thing can take a standard cushion that one for heavy tasks (these names refer to the size and weight of vehicles that can hold). Be sure to choose cushions suitable for vehicle driving if you have to replace these parts, and never take chances driving with defective shock absorbers.