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Surgery Without Risks

At the moment, our country is threatened by the obesity in its population strongly. In fact, it is not only a problem with consequences physical, but also psychological. The mass media, have been in charge in addition, to relate the beauty to the thinness of a person and this stereotype is taking to that many people resort to some operations to improve their physical appearance, a very common example is the Gastrectoma call in Sleeve, or Gastric band, as commonly she is well-known. Many doctors have focused in this relatively new procedure in order to work with the most severe cases of obese people, where the loss of weight by means of the system of Gastric Band Ajutable is expected that will turn to the stomach into one smaller with no need cutting it or damaging it. The effect of this operation in the patient, is that this one feels like plenty and satisfied with less amount with food of which normally was used to ingesting.

Immediately afterwards of this, the patient loses weight quickly. This procedure offers like advantage that does not need many days of hospitalization, since the recovery of this operation is practically fast. Inclusively, if outside necessary to retire the System of Adjustable Gastric Band it is possible to be done and the stomach by regulating returns to be like were it originally. Original author and source of the article.