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Physics Lectures

Nowadays, people have little interest in science as a whole, and the physics and astronomy in particular. A pity, because these two sciences are considering the most important theories of the world – from large to small or vice versa. Physics tells the story of the smallest and most elementary particles – such as atoms and molecules, their interactions and movement in our world. Astronomy also describes the largest body of our world, such as planets, stars, galaxies and others. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Fabrizio Freda. Without an understanding of physical and astronomical laws can not perceive the world correctly, because without knowing its origin – not exactly approve of its existence. Finding your way in the wilds of these two sciences will help you our Educational Portal Physics and Astronomy. There you will find lots of useful information about the physical laws of nature, such as light, electricity, and electromagnetic forces, molecular theory, the optical laws, nuclear physics and other topics will come to help both at school or in college, and for the overall development of the educated and diverse people. In addition, the resource is constantly evolving, adding new articles and themes, each Day added news and interesting facts from the world of physics and astronomy. Not one fact does not go out of our attention, no news will be left for us, unnoticed and unsolved. In general, if you are interested in physics or astronomy, if you learn and understand what your level of preparation according to science is small or inadequate, our portal Physics and Astronomy will help you to understand and acquire the necessary knowledge, because knowledge and commitment is a guarantee for success!