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Active Cocreators

Why change? Come from a statement: The reality does not exist. It is the product of a construction, in which our feelings involved co creating it. And over them, the influence of thought is crucial. No one has ever seen a thought, even in the most advanced laboratories, but what you see is the lightning storm that causes each mentalism. I think, feel. Recently Ron Beit sought to clarify these questions. According feel, act, according to act, I get the consequences in my reality.

You can see the circuit of creation? So, to make changes in our world, we first need to experience the feelings that change has already occurred. For decades, the powers of the mind have been issues associated with the world "esoteric, mysterious. Today we have to enter the knowledge of quantum mechanics, which is the dominant theoretical and practical model in the field of science, according to which it has demonstrated the extraordinary relationship between thought and reality. That is, when we believe we can, in we can really. The experiments in the field of elementary particles has led scientists to recognize that the mind is capable of creating. The surprising experiments with Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto water molecules have opened an incredible door to the possibility that our mind can create reality. Love caused molecular forms fine while the hatred generated chaos. Finally, try placing one hand and relaxing music classical music and metal music on the other hand, with similar results. We know that 80% of our body is water, then we understand how our emotions, our words and even the music we listen, influence our reality is more or less harmoniously.