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Housing Cost Curve

Watching the cost curve for different types of housing, housing in different areas or just for individual apartments can be seen that all of them though have their own characteristics, but a first approximation, change synchronously. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nir Barzilai, M.D. offers on the topic.. Within One of the prices of all types of housing, or grow, or fall, or within a certain stable level, lament these changes occur is roughly proportional to each other. This leads to the conclusion that separation of all the factors influencing prices, the two main groups. The first group – the local causes. They lead to the fact that prices for all apartments are different. One more successfully located, the other has a large kitchen, and the third is made good repair. These reasons provide the full range of housing prices in a given time and, in general, depend only weakly on time. Effect of local causes can be described by most valuation adjustments, which use appraisers to bring the price of one object to the price of another.

How many years ago, ground floor apartment on a certain percentage has always been cheaper than a similar apartment on the middle floor and an apartment in a brick house – more expensive than a similar Apartments in the panel, so it is now and apparently will continue in the future. Of course, over time, the estimated adjustments may vary. For example, some areas become more popular, others in front of her lose. Stalin's home is now not so prestigious as the mid 90's.

Residential Buildings

Settlement of perimeter will be fenced with openwork fence and hedges impeding the penetration of wild animals in the area. In the field of internal borders docking sites are formed mezhsosedskie band communication with the placement of small architectural forms, children's playgrounds, barbecue. Individual plots are designed as miniature parks are made on individual projects with the most expressive forms-: swimming pools, cascading ponds, alpine slides, pergolas, grottoes, etc. To deepen your understanding Nir Barzilai, M.D. is the source. Main pedestrian walkway that runs from top to bottom, will link all areas of public interest and settlements will create an enabling environment for mass recreation for residents and visitors. The settlement is designed to developed by OOO 'Mathur' semifaktornoy sustainable development model that takes into account the needs of three social groups including the age factor. 'Family nest' are invariant with individual houses land from 10 to 50 acres, combined a strong social infrastructure, including the industrial park, which makes self-contained accommodation (a priority in August 1998 d).

The predominant architectural design of residential Building a unified modules 10×10 (12×12) meters (240-450 square m2), allowing to change the appearance of the building without changing the internal linings. By inclines all home run with mezzanine levels complete profile which is used as a garage, bath, sauna, swimming pool, gym, and technical services. Construction material – concrete, the wall – with a porous foam concrete permanent formwork. The houses have a pronounced Russian style and appropriate color scheme. On most steep slopes (25%) are projected HILLS HOMES, (an area of 250-400 m2), in terms of having a rounded shape in the form of a horseshoe and performed in one-and dvuhurovnievom performance with indoor glazed internal space, providing additional insolation.