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Wise Owl

Instead of analyzing small chicken hiding in its fragile shell. Doubt and fear makes people cynical and whiners. They criticize, and winners – analyzed. Criticism makes people blind analysis – open your eyes, can see the possibilities. Click Edward Minskoff for additional related pages. If Chicken Little stopped running around the yard and food, and stopped, stepped aside from the noisy hen house, calmly looked around, raised his head up, you may see that the sky, so calm and serene, so wise and eternal, is where he is supposed to be. And on Earth, very close, a lot of things that are not noticeable to the squeaking brethren – this is where someone spilled grain, and in a panic no one will bite because they can not see ..

Vaughn released cozy perches ready .. A little to the right, near the fence of someone’s careful hand already stacked firewood. AND climb on them under the force of any chicken. And there can be seen from the top? .. And that there, the housing of the fence? .. A Chicken Is you? .. Or in this squeaking hectic, you do not have time to notice, but simply forgot that you – Swift Eagle, Wise Owl, Falcon nimble, graceful Sinica, loud-voiced nightingale, or even the King of Beasts Lion? ..

Dear Reader .. The sages of the past said that any situation in life gives us new opportunities. So be wise! And instead of the usual panic-chaotic rhythm, which is trying to ask us our present reality, or whoever is behind it, went a different way: 1. Stop and otdyshis. In the race, you might miss a lot of goodies around! 2. Quietly look around the sides. Note that the sky is in place J! 3. Analyze – was defined. To implement any new features in my life the moment the most suitable? How and what exactly can I do about it? That of found this brings me joy? 4. Take Action! Dear readers! We welcome letters.

United Nations

In this period the individual passes for some physical and cognitivas transformations. If you have read about YMCA Jorge Perez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The skin tends if to become paler, spotted, with little wrinkled elasticity and, the fat and the muscles shrink. They are common varizes in the legs. The white hair is more finishes and for the one of the body, thinner. Argimon (3), comet that in what it says respect to the cognitiva area, the cognitivo decline occurs as a normal aspect of the aging. The accurate nature of these changes, however, is not a certainty, and problems related to the line that separates this decline of possibilities of a possible dementia is very tenuous, mainly for still not having a consistent reference front to the demand in this etria band. The age of 65 years is the entry point in the advanced adult age, the last phase of the life.

Although this, many adults in this age? or same to the 75 or 85 years? they do not feel ' ' velhos' '. Papalia (1). The biological and common aging to all and happens in a rhythm determined for the nature, but the aging also is personal, each one in accordance with ages in its proper rhythm and its style of life. The global population is aging. Regarding this Papalia aging (1) it comments that: In 2000, the number of people with sixty years or more was esteem in 605 million. In 2050, one expects that the percentage of more aged adults in the world all, for the first time in history, exceeds the child population up to fourteen years. According to Sesc (4): In March of 2002, one searches of the Division of done Population for the Organization of United Nations (ONU), widely divulged for the press, it disclosed an unknown trend in the history of the humanity: , (…), the population of aged in the Third Age will be bigger for the first time of what of minors of 15 years.


This is the base to teach the ethics of the future. Inside of the circuit individual/society, Morin describes teaching the democracy that favors rich and complex the relation where the individuals and the society can help themselves, develop themselves, regulate themselves and control themselves mutually. The democracies of century XXI will be each time more collated to the gigantic decurrent problem of the development of the enormous machine where science, technique and bureaucracy are closely associates. This enormous machine does not produce only knowledge and briefing, but it also produces ignorance and blindness. Nir Barzilai, M.D. contains valuable tech resources. This bureaucratic machine banishes the common citizens from the field politician, who is each time more dominated by ' ' expertos' ' , and the domain of this ' ' new classe' ' knowledge hinders in fact the democratization it.

In these conditions, it is imposed the reputed societies as democratic the necessity of to regenerate the democracy. Democratic regeneration assumes the regeneration of the patriotism, the regeneration of the patriotism assumes the regeneration of solidarity and the responsibility, that is, the development of the antropo-ethics already cited here. Inside of the circuit individual/species, has that to teach the terrestrial citizenship. In this direction, Morin cites Kant who already said that the geographic finitude of our land imposes its inhabitants the beginning of universal hospitality, that recognizes to the other the right of not being treated as enemy. From century XX, the community of terrestrial destination imposes in vital way solidarity. It says despite the community of planetary destination allows to assume and to fulfill this part of antropo-ethics, that if relate to the relation between singular individual and species human being as all.

Edgar Morin locks up the chapter and the book with a simple questioning of which we must extract the described complexity in this summary: ' ' We do not possess the keys that would open the doors of a better future. Not we know the way traced. We can, however, to explicitar our purposes: the search of the hominizao in the humanizao, for the access to the terrena citizenship. For an organized planetary community; would not be this the mission of the true Organization of United Nations? ' '.

One World Online Newspaper

It leads to problems of central and then peripheral nervous systems. Then there are violations at the cellular level. And in the end we see the symptoms. Once we understand the laws of nature, and will follow them, will not be the causes of diseases. And we’ll live happily without the disease. But then, you say you will not need doctors. Do I Peel branch on which they sit? Doctor in Latin means teacher. Hear from experts in the field like Edward Minskoff for a more varied view. So it turns out that the doctor should teach people to live free from disease.

Let’s see how this doctor can act. Chinese Medicine conducts its own account on the Millennium and is based on observation of the laws of nature. Long ago it was revealed compliance with laws of nature, for which there is the universe, society, body, and the smallest cell of the body – cells. They are designated as a microcosm and macrocosm. What is the most important law of nature that wise? Receive a minimum for maximum life and giving, caring about all the body as a whole.

Get rid of the disease can be learn if the harmony with nature. Therefore, the main concern of the doctor – do not treat symptoms and maintain patient desire for a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at this site: Ron Beit. After all, our body is like a pet. We are obliged to follow it until it are. And no less than a dog that lives in the house! Give him a walk, swim and eat right. That’s why health care is a body of ancient wisdom. As a result, people will see as time, embedded in the culture sports and nutrition, more effective returns in all areas. And if you need to take medicine or go to the operating table, it is best not to delay. Of course, medical treatments are painful and cause suffering. But if a person in advance raises himself above them, if he knows that as a result will get compensation, the ability to overcome illness and not think about it, it is not difficult. This attitude is so sweetening the pain that truly a man starts looking at the body as an animal that lives next door. And if so treat him, it’s a relief. A healthy body will release all our energy on creativity and spiritual growth. And if the doctors will change his attitude to the patient, not as a stranger, but as a close, a family member, it really will take for our health. I like the doctor is ready to stay out of work for the treatment of symptoms and start learning harmony with nature, but would you all be healthy and happy. Alexander Angelov Source One World Online Newspaper.

Education Psychology

During the 3 first decades of century XX the psychology applied to the education had enormous development. In U.S.A. it was distinguished necessity of a new professional, capable to act as intermediate between psychology and the education. Three areas had been distinguished: the experimental research of the learning; the study and the measure of the individual differences; psychology of the child. Until the decade of 50, the Psychology of the education appears as ' rainha' of sciences of the education. (Davidoff, 1993).

Educational psychology was a special branch of the Psychology, worried about the nature, the conditions, the results and the evaluation and retention of the pertaining to school learning. It would have to be one disciplines independent, with its proper theory and methodology. During the decade of 50, the dumb panorama. She starts yourself to doubt it educative applicability of the great theories of the learning, elaborated during 1 half of century XX. Premessenger a crisis Others appear discipline educative so important the education how much psychology, and this needs to yield space.

In the decade of 70, it assumes its character to multidiscipline, that it conserves until today. More the Education is not considered as applied psychology. Currently, the Psychology of the Education is considered a branch in such a way of the Psychology as of the Education, and is characterized as an educational area of inquiry of the problems and phenomena, from a psychological agreement. (Mialaret, 1999). It can be said that the Psychology of the Education has for study object all the aspects of the situations of the education, under the psychological optics, as well as the existing relations between the educational situations and the different factors determine that them. Its domain is constituted by the psychological analysis of all facetas of the reality educative and not only the application of psychology to the education. Its objective greater is to evidence or to understand and to explain what it is transferred in the seio of the education situation.

Cognitivas Distortions

Cognitivas distortions What the individual thinks and perceives exactly on itself, its world and its future, have direct importance on as it behaves These thoughts had been formed under the influence of the society, its proper education, in the school, the family, etc. its form to think create an emotion, and this emotion creates a respective behavior EXAMPLES: Arbitrary deductions > To take off conclusion of a situation without base in the experience. The husband if delayed it supper; the wife says that it is having a case with another woman. Personalization > External events attributed proper itself, without enough evidences for a conclusion. Nir Barzilai, M.D. might disagree with that approach. The person imagines things Former: The son arrives in house and he did not compliment the mother It finds that it is with anger of it! Polarized thoughts > Everything or nothing — complete complete success or failure.

It does not have the half term or balance. Incorrect Rotulagem > Errors and imperfections committed in the past in one determined area have the effect of to define the person as imcompetent person in all the areas. The proper person thinks thus and projects this thought for the people with who it interacts! Vision in tunnel > To only see what it desires to see, does not perceive other 0 variable Tendenciosas explanations > Assumption of that the Other possesss a reason negative and guarded to have negative actions against you! Mental reading > ‘ ‘ Dom mgico’ ‘ that certain people attribute ‘ ‘ itself prprias’ ‘ , to know what the Other is thinking without the aid of the facts or the verbal communication. Selective abstraction > The person chooses what she wants to value. Amongst a series of facts it chooses an isolated fact, while other important facts are ignored Supergeneralizao > Incident one or two isolated they serve as a representation of similar situations, ‘ ‘ in any contexto’ ‘ , being or incident not related them. Magnifying or Reduction > A case or a circumstance always is perceived, ‘ ‘ under one exactly prisma’ ‘ , greater or minor of what he would be appropriate. Categorical imperatives > Of the type I must, I have that, necessary What it becomes impracticable other options, taking off the possibility to direct itself for other alternative behaviors. Automatic disqualification > To take off the importance of the positive aspects of the events or the people. To try to search distorted modifications or occult situations that do not correspond to the evidence of the facts.