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Inter Races

The Inter-racial crossings had become frequent and the humanity is amalgamating in a species each more homogeneous time, but with great variations. Populations that if intercruzam widely present small genetic differences, but the isolated populations for long time develop considerable differences. In theory, races are populations of one same species that they differ how much to the frequency from genes, exactly that these differences are small. The division of the humanity in determined number of races is arbitrary; the important one is to recognize that the species human being, as excessively, is divided in some bigger racial groups that, in turn, if subdivide less in races distinct, and the subdivision continues until if arriving the populations that almost do not present differences. Nir Barzilai, M.D.: the source for more info. The subspecies represent the last evolutivo stadium in the differentiation of the races, before the establishment of the mechanisms of reproductive isolation.

They are, therefore, distinguveis for presenting certain well different characteristics in frequency. If they do not cross, for being separate, but they are capable to produce hybrid fertile, if placed together. For this criterion, that is the accepted one for modern biology, the natives of Africa and the Amazonian forest, for example, they are races that had reached the level of subspecies fully. The same it can be said of the Italians and the eskimos etc., but it does not have human groups that they have been differentiated in distinct species, therefore species are biological groups that are not intercruzam habitually in the nature, exactly when the individuals inhabit the same territory. Criacionismo + Evolucionismo Placing itself criacionismo and evolucionismos, pair pair, would be possible to harmonize both the theories in an only one that it consolidated what it is known without invalidating none of the two? I think that yes, let us see: If God created the nature is evident that we perceive its action as if perceives the proper nature, moreover, for God the time is not problem, then, for It, as, one hour, one day, a century, one millenium, an age, does not make any direction, exactly because when it relates in them we use adjectives such as: onipotente, onisciente, onipresente, perpetual, I AM WHAT I AM, since always and forever, spirit, light, infinite love, perfect, indescritvel, unimaginable sanctity, among others, if we cannot see it, but we can see its action, its action in them seems natural, that is, the proper nature.

Religious Education

From the text of art. 33 of the Law n 9,394, 20 of December of 1996, prayer that: ' ' Religious education, of facultative school registration, is integrant part of the basic formation of the citizen, constitutes disciplines of normal schedules of the public schools of basic education, assuring the respect to the religious cultural diversity of Brazil, forbidden any forms of proselitismo.' ' With this religious education if becomes essential part for the formation of the citizen, is also recognized as it disciplines in the normal schedules of the public schools of basic education. This subject not yet is locked up, a subject of great controversy and of interest of all, it must ample and exhaustingly be argued. The religion is present in our society, to respect freedom religious diversity and still to admit a ER grating that satisfies to all is a work that demands time, devotion and much tolerance. To form citizens with conscience and religious knowledge, in a lay education and without proselitismo, is what it waits the fulfilment of the LDB and the Brazilian Constitution. Now, it fits to the masters in religious education to search each time more, to respect the cultural plurality and the religious freedom, in the attempt to tie the basic values of the life through religious education.

Conclusion on Religious Education In this small sketch, that traces in brief words the presence of the ER in Brazil, and also some forms of ER (familiar, as in such a way pertaining to school), we identify that it is a subject that deserves our attention. It can be interesting when she corroborates with the education received in house, however, she can be troublesome when she instructs in another religion that is not that one chosen. In the LDB it is clearly that in the ER the proselitismo is forbidden, still thus is difficult to determine until point of the resume the simple ones information on the religious movement to leave of being information and starts to be religious instruction with the objective of evangelizar the pupils.