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A professor asks. ‘ ‘ _ A love act, answers the auditorium, however balls! ‘ ‘ What it is education? Educator pledges exactly (…). ‘ ‘ _ Ah, is the form and content for which they are born sonhos.’ ‘ What it is dream? The traquina sacaneia citizen. But, answered it is: ‘ ‘ a place where the carried through EADS are teach-teach-dream in its praticidade without limits. , Thus inserted we are in one I circulate to know new that the citizens and objects of the prxis envoltam educational. The education in this to act attractive goes beyond the soil, chalk, blackboard, and multimedias (…).

If they characterize for the efforts of search who them, qui, sorrateiramente, they add forms, they restitute, they constitute and they construct sensible of its maintenance and access. The education that not been successful of the natural consuming, it wins for its solemn impetu of experience patience, something of what almost all humanity searchs but, does not reach. An educator dies every day, renasce all the mornings and comes back to die in one rtimo frenete. But, certainly, if he feeds advantageously of such success. This is to teach! To teach is to die to be born. it is to make useful what it teaches first in its attitude for times, being reaprendendo to learn all time that possible are.It is to abandon old habits, to face limits assumed taxes and, to see with the eyes of the faith and not with human beings.

it is to feel the essential and to live this, to make what nobody made. To consider what it was not and to appear life where the death was convenient. This is To teach. A dialogue, an act requires will.

School Implications

The Brazilian society is characterized for an ethnic plurality, being this product of a historical process that inserted in one same scene three distinct groups: Portuguese, indians and blacks of African origin. This contact favored intercurso of these cultures, leading to the construction of a country undeniably miscigenado. We as professors have the paper of formador of opinions we must pass these information the children, young and adults in subtle way, but that always he is focado in the main objective that is the equality between the social relations and nothing better that the school, and as it contributes for the formation of the identity of the black children. The school is responsible for the process of infantile socialization in which if they establish relations with children of different familiar nuclei. This diversified contact will be able to make of the school the first space of experience of the racial tensions. The relation established between white and black children in a classroom can happen in tense way, or either, segregating, excluding, making possible that the black child adopts at some moments an introverted position, from fear of being rejected or being ridicularizada by its social group. The speech of the oppressor can be incorporated by some children in massive way, passing then if to recognize inside of it: ' ' ugly, black, stinking, hair duro' ' , initiating the process of depreciation of its individual attributes, that intervene with the construction of its identity of child. They are children in process of emotional, cognitivo and social development, who can more easily incorporate the messages with discriminatory contents that permeiam the social relations, which starts to take care of the interests of the dominant ideology, that objective to consolidate the supposed inferiority of definitive groups. Of this form, we understand that the school in such a way can be a dissemination space how much an efficient way of prevention and reduction it preconception. In this direction, the daily pertaining to school will be able to disclose to methods and strategies of interaction inside of the school, favoring the recognition and the valuation in favor of the reconstruction of the racial relations consumed by the differences or ethnic divergences.