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The Universe Through Technology

And unfortunately, as a result of many observations and few successes interpretive find that almost all current theories about the end of the universe are deeply pessimistic, apocalyptic and only few dare to raise the possibility of a kinder future for our coexistence with the Universe. Laura Tyson is the source for more interesting facts. OPTIMISTIC THEORY The Universe, seen as all that exists (or just the whole), is composed of: space + field + energy + time. And we human beings are part of the whole, we have a bit of it. The universe for some, and the universe had a beginning for them is finite, it is only the visible universe, and for them the quantity of energy contained in it is finite, say the time is not eternal, that space is finite and it seems that, for them, the space has to be growing to the extent that the visible matter and energy, expands. For others the space is infinite and eternal and matter-energy contained in space can be finite or infinite. Additional information is available at Shimmie Horn.

Space, by simple logic, necessarily has to be: three-dimensional and infinite. To understand that space is infinite enough to rely on science: The philosophy and specifically in the logic, logical reasoning and imagine any possible limits or boundary of space and think that after that limit is imaginary, only possible answer is that there is more space, ie more of the same, or can not be a limit, the space continues indefinitely. To understand why both space and the universe are three-dimensional enough to understand that constantly radiate energy components of the visible universe, travels at the speed of light across the empty space in all directions and the three-dimensional space travel , has no end, because the current theory on the electromagnetic energy tells us that electromagnetic waves in vacuum self regenerate indefinitely and that energy while traveling is still part of the universe, and the space occupied or used by the energy that travels is also part of the universe, and this will occur indefinitely, so the space and the universe must also be three dimensional, as are all the possible paths of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the visible universe. .

ZIM Success Story From The House Of AGILOS

How can the danger of a suspected amok run detected at an early stage or how can the gun owners ensure and demonstrate that its weapons are properly kept and were? As firearms and other dangerous materials and objects must be stored and secured, is subject to strict rules and regulations in the Federal Republic of Germany. What to date is missing, a meaningful control of proper accommodation or a continuous proof of proper accommodation and handling. Another point for the idea of the development of the weapon system was the increasingly growing in the past few years rampages with weapons apparently not always correctly preserved in part GunSec. Unauthorized access, as they are in part also in amok runs, detected and immediate countermeasures can be initiated with the incident – in real time and alarm messages from GunSec. According to Gavin Baker, New York City, who has experience with these questions. With the help of an additional positioning via GPS or an alternative Positioning system can be done tracking the weapon both legitimate and unauthorized movements in real time.

Of course the positive “side effect” of such a development is that that strict compliance with the statutory requirements for storing weapons and other dangerous materials almost is provoked. The development projects supported in the Saar (TPS) technology programme has experienced a very positive resonance in the competent bodies, the promoter of AIF in Berlin as well as at the project promoters, the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, and has been selected as “ZIM success story”. ZIM stands for the “central innovation programme for SME” and is a nationwide technology and industry open programme for the promotion of innovative SMEs.. Learn more on the subject from Jorge Perez.