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Data Protection Act

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with Eric, an expert in the Data Protection Act. We discussed the most common arguments used by “business savvy” in order to get a client to accept an adjustment of their treatment of personal data. After the conversation a question was “hit in the head.” Is it worth it?. In my years on the Law deeper reasoning I have known each more surprising: Penalties: Using the fear that customers can be fined up to 600,000 . Though it is true, this is one of the more vague arguments I have heard and also the most used. Inspections: Make believe that the AEPD is sending inspectors by companies becoming more common and as random can be visited soon and do not comply with the Data Protection Act will be fined.

As far as I know, the only acting AEPD office to check the degree of compliance of a particular business sector or on complaint by an affected. Company authorized and certificates: sold as a company approved by the AEPD own and issue certificates of appropriateness. The AEPD is not a certifying body approved nor and so far has not reached official certificates with any private entity or individual. Nor does it require the approved title for the provision of advice on data protection. These certificates have no value, nor for anything by the AEPD. Hopefully this will change in the near future, but right now anyone could make an adjustment to the Data Protection Act and is the responsibility of customers to choose a professional in the field.

In-House Education

We educate in house, but not necessarily single. To educate in house is not to educate or only isolated, lives in society and is integrated in the same, so you are going away to support in her you need whenever it. Although at the outset you are scared of not being preparation or of which there are things that you do not go that is to say or that you will not be able to help your children, the reality is that they are going to you to happen two things, one that to many you are going them things to be remembering and/or learning at the same time as your son, and other than you will discover that you have very many options in which apoyarte when really you feel that there is something you cannot cover and your son needs, or a remote school with program online like Epysteme, a friend that yes knows that matter, a relative, another family who educates in house with that to make interchanges of the type ” you teach physics to your children and to mine and I to them teach to Literature contempornea” to them; or you will even take to an academy of reinforcement or review to him, as so many sent to school children go without nobody cries out to the sky for that reason in spite of spending 6 hours daily surrounded by ” profesionales” , and it is left you always the resource to contract a particular professor for that concrete matter. To look for supports is allowed, is reasonable, is even recommendable. I not music, and my children yes want to know, so I looked for external support for it and we are very contentments with the result, and of to the same I have looked for it form for other things I have needed whenever it. Be conscious that yet not always we can and knowledge that we can look for aid and resources of diverse ways is a responsibility exercise, one more of those than on a daily basis we make when educating in house.

Institute University

In this sense Peiron (2000) cited by Palomino, (2010) concerns are also evident damage to health arising from residues of chemicals in fresh food, as well as the workers themselves responsible for implementing them, reducing the quality of the products. In this sense the need to convert pollutants, and conventional production systems in healthy production systems agro, which pollute less, which are economic and which are extendable to all farmers is compulsory. The Experimental Center of research and agricultural practices of the Institute University of technology Dr. Delfin Mendoza, (C.E.I.P.A) works on Guara Island, State of Monagas, Venezuela. Currently has nine (9), production projects including; six (6), they are livestock production and three (3) production plant, here are taught agricultural practices to the students of the careers of agricultural technology through the activities that are performed on each unit of production (CEIPA, 2010). Work schedules and manuals operational units of production in the CEIPA, are elaborated on the basis of knowledge of conventional agriculture and the technological packages that are used many times, are those developed by the manufacturers of the products laboratories, to increase your sales (Figure 1) these systems are difficult to eliminate due to ignorance of other alternatives for production that are scientifically proven (CEIPA2010). Fig.1 recurrent use of herbicides in established crops thereon Palomino (2010), citing Altieri, (2001) points out that the basic challenge of sustainable agriculture make better use of internal resources can be easily reached, and minimizing the use of external inputs and preferably generating internal resources more efficiently, through diversification strategies that increase the synergies between the key components of the agroecosystem. But how to make better use of internal resources, and what are the strategies that increase the synergies?, possibly the authors note the answers in his works, but then what are not deployed in Venezuelan production centres and why no progress has been made in this regard; possibly the answer is very simple, because it is suspicious of the efficacy of the agro-ecological methods, which often do not apply according to the defined methodology.

In this sense the author supports the hypothesis, the documentary investigation of alternatives agroecological to put them into practice in the CEIPA and convert it in this way in a model institution representative of the agro-ecological production, which can be imitated by the centres of production, thus helping to increase health in the population, with the consumption of healthy foods whose production processes do not harm nature. One of the proposed agro-ecological methodologies is the creation of demonstration plots where the producer can appreciate good practices for the management and efficient use of soil and the correct use of natural resources and to become advocates of these practices in their communities.