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Xact4u: Typical Problems And Practical Tips When IT Tenders

Karlsruhe: In almost every second company deficiencies in IT procurement have resulted according to a study of the xact4u strategy consulting AG considerable problems in the subsequent projects. Jorg Gruhler, Board of management consulting, sketched from a practice perspective the typical problems and how they can be avoided is: provider selection no promising without intelligent defined criteria: whether a specific industry expertise, strong culture of innovation, international presence, a specific technical skill or other characteristics of the generally very diverse selection criteria for the evaluation of the market must be worked out the performance characteristics of the provider intelligent, which are elementary and purposeful for the proposed solution. The appropriately-defined criteria are according to their relevance to the successful realization of the advertised project to weight, so that a comparative assessment is possible. Specifications test with four-eyes-principle shortcomings: the more it Lack of completeness, concretization and plausibility of objectives, requirements, periods and other parameters, the more difficult the creation of offers is necessarily. The issue of the planned investment aimed at the strategic or operational benefits, should be answered accurately. Because only a detailed and accurate representation of the requirements matrix avoid room for interpretation, which can lead to significant misjudgments in the party. Usefully, a four-eyes principle should be applied, where in addition to the authors of the tender internal or external experts carry out a critical examination. Individual features clearly do: because every IT project typically has a number of company-specific features, the relevant special features also clearly in the tender must be presented.

Who, however, the basis of a request presented, a typical industry standard construction kit”is taken, is hardly individually oriented and thus get expectations-friendly solutions. “Pay attention to clearly interpretable terms: often conceptual aspects causing far-reaching problems, for example, in the term standard” when a software procurement. The user says that a function in relation to the delivery state exists and is enabled through simple configuration. The providers define standard, however,”often referred to as an upgrade enabled frame for a particular function, which must be adapted to the needs of the user but by programming. The essential terms of the contracting authority needs to clarify if necessary especially his understanding. The distribution of roles in the project outline: pitfalls unclear division of roles between the client and provider for the project planning and implementation to provide a very typical field.

It must be clearly shown so in the tender, who is using what resources, who is responsible for which tasks and how later in the project reality the specific Decision making structures should look like. Annotate any unrealistic expectations: often are in the tender documents, project expenses, which provided implementation dates or other parameters, not withstanding a profound contemplation or are derived from conditions which do not comply with the concerned project. It would be better to attract previously technical support for such information, in order to make the expectations realistic. About xact4u strategy consulting AG: the xact4u strategy consulting AG with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Zurich focuses their services portfolio, in particular on consulting fields with paramount importance for business success. This includes in particular the development of the strategy, the IT customer management as well as the performance and organizational management. SGL group, OVB, security systems, SAP and Oracle among the customers such as Deutsche Post, Bosch.

Hamburg People

MyPlace self storage provider opened tense fifth location in Hamburg Altona which is housing market in Hamburg. Many people wish for more space, but afford a larger apartment. Because there is in the Hanseatic city housing and rental prices seem to explode: for one square meter has to be paid up to 18 euros, making the city on the Elbe is one of the most expensive residential areas of in Germany in Hamburg. More and more people rent therefore external storage areas. These enable the tenants a portion of her clothes not daily used will be stored outside their homes and to provide for more space and quality of life in your own four walls. If you would like to know more about AMT, then click here. Due to the increasing demand, MyPlace SelfStorage has, leading storage provider in the German-speaking, now a new branch at the Stresemann road 290 in Hamburg Altona opened.

More than 1000 new storage rooms (1-50 m) available are the inhabitants of attractively. To find an apartment in Hamburg, you must generally not only long are looking for, but usually also deep in the Pocket Access. So, you pay rent, for example, for a centrally located apartment with 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom (75 m) between 750-900 euros. At the same time, many Hanseatic League looking for more space, can afford but due to the high rental prices no bigger apartment. Many people therefore rely on the services of the MyPlace self storage provider. In Hamburg, we sense a growing interest. More and more people are looking for a space to stow things, they need not commonplace outside your own four walls. This can be the skis or the old, but still functional TV, which was replaced with a new model”so Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of MyPlace self. But also people only in the short term, or as a transition solution need a compartment, take advantage of this possibility of easy intermediate storage.


It more than 540 interpreters with about 43 different language combinations available 24 hours a day. This patented interpreters used, so that targeted interpreters in the desired language can be mapped to individual participants. Quality of on-demand flexibility without binding contract DialogVox.com uses high-quality ISDN lines with guaranteed echo-cancelling and ensures security through individual pin award. The aim is an undisturbed lecturing in acoustic quality with all current technical possibilities. The fare structure is transparent without monthly minimum sales, fixed charges or other hidden costs incurred by a contract. After the non-binding and free registration, a fee-based booking arises only after explicit planning, as well as the confirmation of the terms and conditions. This is in accordance with up-to-the-minute calculated the price list of DialogVox.com to the end of the month.

At the end of the Conference, the costs as gross cost control are displayed. Interpreting for companies and business customers DialogVox.com meets the different demands of the business with professional professional interpreters and the sophisticated technology. Consecutive interpreting is offered for short appointments or price negotiations. It is located in the round of talks in the Conference Room of the interpreter and translated previous talk sections. If longer presentations, trainings or presentations in multiple languages as quickly as possible to many participants to be transmitted, a simultaneous Conference is the right solution. In simultaneous interpreting, an interpreter will be allocated the desired participants simultaneously translated the conversation. The corporate customer can create the telephone conferences with the different options according to his wishes himself as leader through the Internet Control Center and control. On request, this takes over the Centre of DialogVox.com and offers an operator service for more information.

Interpreting for individuals also private persons can use the professional service of DialogVox.com. Interpreters are available for official appointments in authorities, agencies or private situations. This consecutive interpreting has proven itself, where each conversation sections are translated.