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Jewelry Creations

Who among us has not heard at least once, on such jewelry brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Bvlgari, Chopard, David Morris? These trade brands dominate over a hundred years the jewelry market. Their work set the tone in the world of high fashion, their names are constantly on the lips, only one mention of these names and there are associations with refined luxury and sophisticated style. However, in recent years, this elite circle of sought-after jewelry brands began to appear new names that let not yet the glory of his kupayutsya more famous cousins, but deserve to be mentioned among the budding designers and jewelers. Among these include the London jewelry designer Carrie Vas (Carri Vacik). Jewelry creations of this talented young artist to conquer its high level of skill, a variety of manners, a wide range of genres – using elements of ancient Egypt, sochitaya them with modern art, and easy addition of oriental motifs, Vas embodies its novelty jewelry design, unique style and high quality. Dino Modolo Designer (Dino Modolo), founded with Benny Shabtai Di Modolo company (Di MODOLO), has already attract the attention of many prestigious clients around the world. Di Modolo jewelry are closely related to actual to date trends in jewelry.

To date, the great promise Company captures the global market, opening their shops in Russia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, while Europe and the U.S. More info: Edward Minskoff. have already submitted to the innovative design of Dino. Last name, which will be the next word in the world Jewelry is a high-class – Mattia Chelo (Mattia Cielo). Young compatriot Dino, recently introduced a revolutionary collection in the world of jewelry. Its unique in terms of design, jewelry harakterizuyutsya creative originality, novelty designs, and finally, the highest skill of jewelry. After, even superficial, acquaintance with the young jewelry designer, we can confidently say that in spite of endless innovation, which took place in the world of jewelry for hundreds of years, this radiant world never ceases to amaze us with his invention and imagination designers.