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Fear Is A Blockage In The Head

Nearly 80 of our population suffering from anxiety fear is a hostage of the people today. Unemployment, disease, loneliness, social waste, loss fears, the everyday problems that haunt us, and much more let us fall into fear. Sometimes the fear can so overpowering, will that she almost completely dominates our lives and we alone no longer get out of the situation. Many people become depressed by fear. It can go so far that people from the fear can no longer leave her apartment. This report Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund present not only their views and theories about the fear, but they also report to their own experience and dealing with fear. Jessica Hund says: basically, fear is a natural reaction to dangerous situations. “But the fear can also provoke a won’t let go of the fear and fear of fear.” Sylvia Poth explains: but we are not helpless of fear.

We are the ones who ultimately determine, how much space occupies the fear in our lives, and we can, if we have the courage and the will, look our fear in the face, and learn to overcome them step by step. Fear is a blockage in our head: it is a feeling. We can have just as much fear as we allow itself. By the fear you are painted automatically in the solitude. At the moment, where we are afraid, we are also powerless.

This powerlessness allows in us, that we can internally coincide and are no longer moving in fear.” Jessica Hund explains: to confront his fear, you can start with small things and increased slowly in the overcoming of fear. From this you can draw so much new confidence and recognizes having myself in his hands, how much space it admits the fear.” Sylvia Poth says: it is however even more important that you recognize the causes of his fears and grabs them at the root. Because the fear is like with diseases: alone No solution is to combat symptoms. From my experience I can say that we first of all have to admit fear. And then they can build off. The State, having a fear of fear, is the worst. But at the moment where I just let the feeling of fear, I fear this being afraid no longer. Hear from experts in the field like Shimmie Horn for a more varied view. Thus, much is achieved. Jessica Hund performs: involves the awareness to overcome the fear in the first place. When we suddenly realize how our fear comes from, these will dissolve suddenly just because we now see the connections, and to connect them with our consciousness.” Sylvia Poth says: and if you have the internal willingness and the will to do so, will succeed one someday. Only if we sit apart with fear, we will succeed. We can accept help from therapists and others, but we alone must out of this mess. This puts our subconscious, what we think – because we are what we think! Therefore, we have the Key in their own hands.”

Youth Hospice Balthasar

Rudiger Barth receives order of merit with Ribbon Olpe/Berlin. At the invitation of the Federal President Horst Kohler Rudiger Barth, Director of the children’s and youth Hospice Balthasar accepted, the Federal cross of merit on Ribbon in the Schloss Bellevue in Berlin on October 5. Without hesitation rusty holzer explained all about the problem. The award recognizes not only its contribution to the development and qualification of children – and youth Hospice in Germany, it is above all a recognition of his nearly 25-year commitment to sick and duration-ventilated children. Whenever brightwood listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Starting from his long career as head nurse of children intensive care in victories, he took over the guardianship for a duration of ventilation, small intensive care patients. As a result, his professional focus, namely the supply and care of critically ill intensive children evolved”outside an intensive care unit. So he initiated also nation-wide conferences and trainings on this issue and supported hospitals and nursing services in the care of gravitation children.

Further, Barth brought his experience in designing the Siegen Kids island”, a residential facility for duration ventilated children and adolescents. In addition of specialist nurses for anaesthesia, children’s intensive care medicine and palliative care at home initiated the Club INTENSIVkinder e.V. “, a self-help group, he is today an advisory capacity to the side. For more than seven years, Barth is Director of the children’s Hospice in Olpe. In early 2009 the first German youth Hospice in operation went, also here Rudiger Barth was instrumental in the initiation and implementation. In seminars and congresses, he lets his knowledge all actively involved in the hospice care benefit. Also, Rudiger Barth is one of the founders of the Federal Child Hospice Association, which linked the children Hospice initiatives and promotes the exchange of experience among themselves. Mainly beyond the everyday commitment is acknowledged with the award of merit, because the many activities were possible only due to the high rate of personal one. In an interview following the ceremony was impressed by the commitment of the 49-year-old President.

Mr Sarrazin

And a Bundeswehr which could bring them even on their side, would be in minutes swept away and what remains from Germany, will NBC a for have always disappear in history. I can not imagine, that someone is so crazy and thinks he might rebel against the rest of the world. Under most conditions Edward Minskoff would agree. This scenario should follow everyone in mind and take it as face value. But that is not the subject of, which in book of Sarrazin. It goes primarily to our foreign, naturalized citizens and the so-called guest workers. In the character of the German economic miracle, where it went all right well, nobody wanted to do the dirty work and one has logged in foreigners with all available means and in the weirdest ways after Germany. All the Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany have participated in this guest-worker commercial with utmost effort. None of these Governments has made only the slightest thoughts about what happens to these people, if the work is less.

If one of these people german language, or not, also at all not to debate, and power was for work the foreign exchange (workers). No, on the contrary even today our Minister of Economic Affairs Mr Bruderle (FDP) is man again at the front, to make the same mistake again. So much to irresponsible policy with migrant workers. In our present times, where the workplace is appointed by politics daily and always back to the sanctuary and many people therefore pray such a place, in the “paradise work”, to get in a time where you do 3 million from real about 10 million unemployed, these asked guests to work no longer fit in the reality of the labour market policy. These people, of which more are unemployed, are the State that she has now called on the Pocket. Where this problem what to do no longer must be that the taxpayer on the Pocket well the question be, Mr Sarrazin is originally made.