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Psychological Relaxation

This form of breathing allows more oxygen to keep our brains, and therefore more intelligent, lucid, clear and with better memory. If glucose is the fuel for the brain, oxygen is the battery. We can learn to breathe rhythmically, which is essential to conduct the Superlearning, there are specific techniques that help them learn the correct way of breathing. Relaxation Relaxation is a state of body and mind, free of tension, which allows us to save energy without wasting it on stress, anxiety or despair. Thus, the energy saved can be used to encourage the learning relaxed, calm, work, love and be happier in the activities we undertake daily. Our brain is open and receptive to learn and peacefully resolve the challenges life offers us.

In a state of relaxation we are producing alpha waves, the waves of relaxation and accelerated learning. There are three types of relaxation: physical relaxation is to relax every muscle DEA a body. Psychological Relaxation: is one that frees our mind from mental tensions, worries, anguish and excess thoughts that hinder the clarity of ideas, learning, memory, attention and concentration and harmony in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Imagination exercises are used with content idea landscapes and places that produce states of relaxation, for example: the sea, the beach, field, and all the elements that constitute slab, so we naturally conectamosa cona states peace and tranquility. Mixed with relaxation: the integration of physical and emotional relaxation. We have separated the breath of relaxation for educational purposes for a better understanding of both processes, however, it is clear that processes occurring simultaneously happy and it is important to carefully manage both to elements in order to obtain the best results when they practice in a personal or professional level in the area idea Guideline.