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Gas Silicate Blocks

Have long developed production technology of gas silicate, but has only recently been identified effective technologies for the manufacture of building materials, which will be filled pores. Using steam, quartz sand hardens, resulting in a gas silicate. Sterling organization may also support this cause. Difference of gas silicate blocks, from their predecessors – aerated, is that they, firstly, there is a connection in the form of a hydraulic binder, and, secondly, they have a greater number of pores, and today are made in the form of aerated concrete. Atreides Management Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Production of gas silicate blocks is performed by this technique: as the milled quartz sand combined with binding substance in a specific mass of sand grains is very tightly connected to each other. To get the gas silicate, the mixture is sent to an autoclave, where it is heated to the required specific temperature, then, She passed through the steam, as a result of this there are pores, the pores saturated mixture is poured into molds and freeze. Such material as gas silicate combines many advantages that are available through compound of several materials. Gas silicate has a wonderful combination of light weight and large volume, due to the porous structure of the material, in this case, it has an appropriate degree of durability and fire resistance.

Gas silicate in their qualities can be to some extent compared with the stone, the only advantage that it is much easier, moreover, gas silicate is an excellent thermal insulator due to being in the pores air. Resistance to different temperatures in silicate blocks much more than concrete and ceramics. By using this building material can reduce the cost of heating buildings by nearly 30%, because it can be used for the construction of external and internal walls. In the production of gas silicate blocks used precision cutting methods to achieve exceptionally planned size, and a projecting allows the use of glue solution with masonry. In addition, excellent connectivity ensures that no block periods, which could ignore the cold. Process gas silicate too easy – and it's milling, and drilling, and sawing, finally, so that the structural composition of the material makes it possible to create a specified architectural style and light weight allows the transport of gas silicate blocks material over long distances no load on the vehicle.

Plus, gas silicate blocks can be used as an excellent sound-insulating material, because they meet all the standards SNP 12.17.11. Gas silicate blocks have specificity increase their strength with increasing temperature, so, for example, if the temperature reaches 400 degrees – the strength increases to 85%, should also be noted that gas silicate forms a wonderful atmosphere in the room. No chill winter season, no overheating in hot period will not get any room, built of gas silicate blocks, since the sun's rays, this building material has the ability to absorb, and the cold – do not miss. One of the priority benefits gas silicate supports its environmental harmless to humans and the environment.