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Food Chain

Many people wondered what is a food chain and how acts in nature?, food chains really are much more important on the planet than you could imagine, the man constantly breaks unnatural way cycles chains food in pursuit of their own benefit, when we do this? because when we knock forests indiscriminately, we appropriate a vast expanse of land to supplant it with large crops, all food chain, (also called food chain), it has producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, decomposers, and finally transformers, though really in a food chain is not which is the first and the last, since transformers compounds become nutrients for producers, with I the chain comes back to start again. Example of food chain a food chain example it can be found in the savannah grass, it is ingested by an antelope, which in turn is eaten by a lion, the droppings of This in turn are decomposed through bacterial nutrient to serve again for the grass. We have seen how they act chains, also a clear example but what exactly is a food chain? In ecology, food chain is the food ratio in chain of living beings on a particular ecosystem. Original author and source of the article. Steffan Lehnhoff might disagree with that approach.