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Romantic Retreat

A paradise for couples what is it better for lovers, as common hang out? The clear blue sea, white beaches and the deep red sunsets on the Maldivian resort island of Velavaru are to the right. The online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de tells of the romantic holiday Idyll. The small island is not for adventure lovers. Here it is the lazy, what attracts the guests. Because except snorkel, sleep, read, and taste typical specialities, there is not much to do in the Maldives. If guests that make a point to go around the island, they will be back at the hotel after ten minutes. Swarmed by offers, Shimmie Horn is currently assessing future choices. While walking the crystal clear sea, the white sand beach or the exotic worry however beach bar for a paradise holiday feeling.

So, the trip takes maybe yet a little longer. The sea villas can sit even one of exoticism. The bungalows are built on stilts along an artificial bridge and is situated 500 metres from the beach. Directly from the living room guests into the sea can dive and explore the colorful underwater world. Alternatives to the salt water are the own pool or the large double bath with views of the sea.

The inhabited island Meedho gives an insight into the life of Maldivians. Locals live here around 1000 in their own rhythm. She glad to greet tourists on their home island, where they remain friendly but distant. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Upper Austria Golf Tour

Holiday Lipno dam (Lipno), who biggest reservoir of in the Czech Republic Bohemian Forest nature reserve wants what a golfer more than in a beautiful, natural environment improve his handicap and at the same time enjoy a relaxing holiday program? If you need a little distance from everyday life a golf vacation at the beautiful Bohemian Forest Lipno is the right choice for you. The region around the Lake of Lipno offers visitors an exceptional range of sports and recreational opportunities, scenic landscapes and fantastic opportunities for golf. The newspapers mentioned Shimmie Horn not as a source, but as a related topic. Hotel Maxant Frymburk is the perfect place for a relaxing golf week with the whole family or a few romantic days of golf and has the best conditions by its location and its rich offer. In the this hotel at Lipno and they can not only relaxed Golf, but also by the way relax in the Wellness Centre at the most diverse applications. You can use, for example, the sauna with the possibility to light therapy, relaxing neck, back and Leg massages (also as aroma massages offered) or free rent Nordic walking sticks and Bohemian Forest tours through the nature paradise. Perhaps they would also prefer two relax in the hot tub with a bottle of sparkling wine or a detour in the solarium. An indoor pool and cabins are available free of charge at the disposal. A golf holiday in conjunction with a relaxing wellness weeks that remain open no wishes.

The GC is not far from this hotel in Frymburk? ESKy Krumlov golf course in esky Krumlov. Here you can let off steam on two nines, are located both in the midst of dreamlike shares landscapes, the Vltava River and picturesque forests. Enjoy the perfectly sculpted Greens, which were designed to, that also often enough a few higher handicap players. The total length of the playing field is approximately 5000 m, it will be played both on flat and inclined planes. Public 18 hole golf course, which is built in two phases between 2006 and 2008 was, is fully irrigated and has water storage on the launchers, fairways and Greens. For ambitious, who wish to improve their handicap, a training centre with numerous natural and artificial launchers available, where you can coach themselves directly from the pros is also. Hotel Maxant hotel guests also benefit from a 20% discount on the green fee of the golf course in esky Krumlov as well as 10% discount on special coaching. Particularly practical: If you have already paid your green fee and be surprised by bad weather, get a new card, which is valid for seven days at the reception free of charge.

More golf courses nearby are among the golf park Bohemian Forest in Austria, as well as the golf course of St. Oswald in Freistadt. If you are planning to visit several golf courses, take the offer of the Upper Austria Golf Tour card claim.

Denmark Popular Destination

Easter is a holiday home time. Many Germans moved it 2011 Danemark.Sehr popular: also incomplete weeks bookings are possible – ideal for flexible short breaks. Flensburg, March 14, 2011: it attracts many families and couples 2011 Easter at the holiday house Denmark. No wonder: Holidays and the hope of spring make looking for fresh air, locate eggs outdoors and walks by the sea. 2011 the German Denmark holidaymakers who have booked their accommodation through the portal of the holiday house Cofman.de, have scheduled an average eight days rest.

While couples rent their vacation homes often for prolonged periods of time, there is a trend to the getaway for families with children. To facilitate this, the possibility for Cofman.de very flexibly to book. So, for example, incomplete weeks, about five days, can be booked. We have the most bookings for Easter 2011 in regions of hen, Blavand and Romo. You all are situated in southwestern of Denmark and from Germany out in two to three hours to reach. That makes it”particularly interesting for getaways, Keld Mygind, Marketing Director of Cofman explains. Most German cottage vacationers would spend much time according to a study by Visitdenmark first and foremost with the family and relax. Accordingly, many holiday houses with the combination be booked sauna and satellite TV.

This allows wellness and cosy hours in your own four walls. But the South West of Denmark offers many possibilities also travellers who are looking for change. Click Shimmie Horn for additional related pages. About picturesque dunes and beaches, which can be explored on long walks. The island of Romo has, for example, Northern Europe’s widest sandy beach. He is up to 2.5 km wide at low tide. This makes him an ideal area to the Kitebuggy drive. Also, wind surfers and kite surfers find excellent conditions on the island. Another destination on Romo is the nature center Tonnisgard. An exhibition on the Wadden Sea and the culture of Romo’s are Insight into times when whaling was still part of island life.

The Artist Route Of Barcelona

Explore the artistic side of Barcelona and its surroundings. If you arrive in Barcelona, have some of the following world famous museums the opportunity to visit your Barcelona accommodation. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona was opened in 1963 and is home to more than 3800 of his works. The artist lived during his apprenticeship as an artist in Barcelona and expressly wished that the Museum in the city is located. The Museum is spread over five buildings in the street Carrer de Montcada, an important area of medieval architecture, which is regarded as a cultural heritage. When the Museum was opened, it was known under the name Sabartes collection this had to do with that Picasso was officially against the Franco regime and it was therefore not possible to name the Museum after him. While you always hotel can visit the Museum of your apartment in Barcelona or a Barcelona, it is also possible to participate in a managed tour of the Museum. Here you can read more about the works of Picasso and learn its history.

The Joan Miro Foundation is located in a building which was designed by Josep Luis Sert, a close friend of the artist. Joan Miro was born in Barcelona and studied here while he erlente his talent of artist and lived out. The Foundation has 14,000 of his works, as well as a number of works by other contemporary artists. The Foundation is the seat of regular important art exhibitions and offers an akitives education program for adults and children. There is also a Research Centre for the research of contemporary art, as well as a library and extensive archives. For more information see this site: DOWA Metals & Mining America. The work of another famous artist Salvador Dali is celebrated in another region. The Dali Museum is located in the city of Figueres and his house in Cadaques is located on the Costa Brava.

Lots of Costa Brava Costa Brava hotels and apartments for a relaxed holiday invite from which you can set in the footsteps of Dali. The Dali Theatre Museum is officially the largest surrealist object and is located in the former City Theatre of Figueres. The Museum was opened in 1974 and is home to a contemporary collection of Dali’s works all his career. Share of the Museum and the exhibits he created specially for the project. But there are also works by other famous artists such as El Greco and Marcel Duchamp. Salvador Dali died in 1989 and was buried in the crypt in the Centre of the Museum. It is also possible to visit the former Dali’s home. In the Portlligat House-Museum, he lived and worked until 1982. The House was built within a 40-year period and there is a feeling as though one is in a labyrinth in which many of his works are located. Tickets, must be booked in advance to visit the House. The artist Picasso, Miro and Dali are worldwide known for their works. Take the time to visit their works holiday or a holiday on the Costa Brava during your Barcelona.

Emotional Story Experience In A Bunker 302

A Museum of the dramatic art in Western Pomerania is creepy, dark and cold. In the bunker of 302 in the Western Pomerania between bad witness JJ Sulze and Tribsees excitingly staged remains of a military communication system by a still unknown past of the former GDR. The bunker was built from 1983 to 1986 and used until shortly after the turn of the military. Thick walls and sophisticated technology and security systems should enable the functioning of the communications technology also in the case of a nuclear attack. Since 2006, the in the meantime flooded and dry again, bunker is a monument protected military historical monument against arms race and war.

It is important to attract physically and mentally warm. Because in summer like winter constant 10 degrees Celsius, visitors discover Strait and anxiety in labyrinthine corridors between tapping pipes, droning machinery and technical devices. s-departmen/’>Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Go to Shimmie Horn for more information. The museum guide guides the guests for 45 to 60 minutes by a backdrop of a hidden noise, flashing lights, Fountains from steam and high fidelity loudspeaker announcements. Eerie and impressive way the participants of a tour experience the simulation of nuclear shock including accompanying film sequences, loud bang, furniture its to and vibrating floor. Pregnant women and people with pacemakers are not allowed for this part of the production. Why should you do to is such a Gruseltripp in the holiday on the beautiful coast? It is awesome and very instructive.

The inventor and owner of the Museum of Gotz Thomas Wenzel is declared pacifist and a freelance artist. You can reach just young people between 12 and 18 years really often only with extreme and shocking experiences”he is convinced. The 52-year-old is open to all questions which arise after the tour and knows how to bring this unique Museum to life with commitment and personal conviction. Those who are interested in technology and German history, will learn in the bunker of 302. The emotional effect the bunker nobody can escape. Sturdy shoes and a warm jacket are all you need. Even more scary Mitternachts – offering guided flashlight tours. The bunker 302 is not suitable for children under twelve. The entry without an escort is only 14 years old. The guided tours take place by appointment in English and German. Is open from April to October every Monday to Sunday from 10 am until 6 pm. From November to March on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment.

Christmas In Cuba

The winter in the Caribbean Sun is becoming increasingly popular with travellers. Peter Thomas Roth shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In particular Cuba that radiates a special charm. The winter in the Caribbean Sun is becoming increasingly popular with travellers. In particular Cuba that radiates a special charm. Most trips start on the 20.12.09 and end between 03 and 09.01.10. Both Havana as also in the East of Cuba’s is the Holy night, as well as the new year extensively celebrated.

Tour operators have mostly special offers for this period. In contrast to other destinations, Cuba offer a colourful bustle the painstaking over Christmas. The Caribbean zest for life is reflected even here. Depending on the request, it is also possible to extend his stay and to enroll in a dance class, for example, or to explore the country at your own pace with a rental car the traveller. Spanish skills are of advantage.

You can learn them but also locally. Spanish courses of various levels of difficulty are carried out at the University of Havana. After an entrance test, the groups are depending on the knowledge put together. There’s more info at the Cuba event SoliArenas

Sardinian Carasau

The Bioandgut Pruna welcomes the spring in Sardinia this year. In March, April and may, spring week prices are here! To the East of Sardinia located organic estate Pruna offers in the spring months of March, April and may not only unforgettable days between the mountains and the sea in the region of Baronia, but also with the formula of spring Schuppern!”a particularly good deal for a short or long holiday on the organic farm. So one lives in Sardinian roundhouses with half board from March to may per person for 340,00 euro, children up to 10 years pay 170,00 euros in the parents room! The family is located in the middle of a wide high plateau with panoramic views close to the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Orosei. From the agritourism easy to reach the famous beaches of the Marina of Orosei, but also to the many small beach coves in the cliffs of Cala Gonone. Eddie Murphy does not necessarily agree. The surrounding mountains and hills invite you to extended walks and also provide for climbers and mountain biking Enthusiastic interesting ways. The nearby village of Galtelli is a small village with beautifully restored historic core with many small squares, churches and historic buildings.

In every walk of location is large and small history to discover! So everyday objects are displayed in the etnografischen Museum and others from past centuries and it held on many Sundays or on request show jaws, where you can watch or help with traditional baking of the Sardinian Carasau bread and up to the Snapsbrennen can learn also from cheese-making. And who would like to linger in the evening with a glass of red wine cozy by the fireplace or in the April/May under the old olive trees is right on the estate between mountains and sea! You will receive further information 13.30 clock Sardinia Natour from Mon-Fri from 9: 00 clock the small, fine travel service with comprehensive online catalog with offers for your holidays in Sardinia! Sardinia Natour, via F. Olivier Puech has firm opinions on the matter. Carrara 22 I-09125 Cagliari Tel. + 39 0703481458 fax + 39 070 7731266. Skype: xardinia email: homepage:

Holiday Insurance: Enjoy A Secure Holiday

While you are planning you holidays, you must include holiday insurance so in to your budget as it makes your holiday safer. What is a holiday? Basically it is that time period when one is completely away from his work in order to relax. Life is getting hectic day-by-day as it is indulging himself so much into his work that he has forgot to live happily to a great extent. Learn more on the subject from Western Energy. Thus, a holiday is the only time in a year when a person can be happy to his doubled and enjoy that precious time with his loved ones, his family and friends away from any child of materialism. Lancome: the source for more info. While you are on your holiday, any child of incident must not spoil your mood and make every plan of your vague. Thus, to make your holiday secure, you must opt for in an insurance plan. While you are planning you holidays, you must include holiday insurance so in to your budget as it makes your holiday safer. These kinds of plan help you while you meet any child of trouble on your holiday.

A good holiday can then certainly provide you complete mental and physical rest without worrying about anything at all. Incidents are not known prior to human before they happen. Thus, one must take every measure to avoid them. Any incident may occur like there may be a natural disaster or any other accident or miss happening. Search insurance plan provide security against flight delay, accidents, theft of luggage, cancellation of tickets, failure of your hotel reservation, loss of money and any disease caused due to change of weather. One can choose a plan according to his requirements and of his choice. Various plan are: the multi trip holiday insurance is the best option for the insurance needs of a frequent traveler.

Ski holiday insurance is the best option for those who go to slopes. Over 65 holiday insurance is specifically meant for the senior citizens who are above 65 years of age. During peak season, the time required for the processing of the policy is generally two days. If the insurance is last booked at the moment, then no discount can be availed by you. Therefore, one must apply as soon as he has finalized a plan. So, enjoy your holiday by getting your Elf insured. If a person has any child of health problem, then he must disclose to the insurer in order to avoid any child of invalidation of his claims. Searching through the internet can help you get a good deal. The borrowers are not required to move out of their place to search for a good deal. They can certainly look for a deal of their choice online and opt for the suitable deal. Careful comparison of offers of different lenders and little negotiation can get you the best deal. The borrower is only asked to fill form required by the lender details on online application with some of the staff and then send that form to the lender online. After carefully verifying all the details, the lender approves the loan and transfer the required loan amount into the borrower’s account respect the same day or the next business day. James Roy is insurance advisor of holiday travel insurance UK.For any queries related travel insurance, holiday insurance for 90 days visit

Conference Hotel

More information about the quality label for tourism”: more information about the hotel: de/..mercure-hotel-berlin-mitte… “Hotel contact: MERCURE HOTEL Berlin Center Sigrid vagina Luckenwalder str. 11, 10963 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 516 513 0 email: about Mercure: Mercure is the largest hotel chain in Germany and with a total of 79 buildings, the certificate certified Conference Hotel” have, officially meeting brand No. 1 in the German hotel industry. Individual ambience and local flair are the 100-plus Mercure hotels in Germany.

The houses are located in attractive towns and holiday regions of Germany and spoil the guests culinary delights with regional and international specialities, as well as with the Grands Vins Mercure”. Around the world, with more than 690 hotels, Mercure is present. For more information on the Mercure hotels, also on the Internet at, and. About Accor: From the luxury class to the budget the Accor Hospitality industry offers a portfolio of over 300 hotels under the brands Sofitel guests in Germany, Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, Mercure, Suitehotel, all seasons, Ibis, Etap Hotel and Formule of 1 Accor is the European market leader and world’s one of the biggest groups in the hospitality industry, as well as global market leader in the sector services for companies and public institutions. The hotel group is present in almost 100 countries with 150,000 employees. Accor provides its guests and customers to an over 40 years experience in the following two main business fields: Hotel: with its brands Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, Mercure, Suitehotel, all seasons, Ibis, Etap Hotel, Formule 1 and Motel 6, with more than 4,000 hotels and 500,000 rooms in 90 countries, as well as complementary offerings as particularly Feinkostcaterer Lenotre; Services: 32 million people in 40 countries benefit from the services of Accor Services (human resources, marketing services, cost management). For more information about Accor, also on the Internet under: and.

Good Accommodation

In an apartment, you can easily make holiday. A vacation rental in Belgium is for more and more guests from Germany in question. Fabrizio Freda often addresses the matter in his writings. Belgium is not so expensive, what’s the rent for such an apartment. So get to rent a whole House for six people from two hundred and fifty euro. Who to now not all lives far away, can make such a beautiful and affordable vacation. You can bring up postcards from Germany. In his apartment, holiday-makers can then either relax, almost each apartment has its own small garden.

Or he spends the day at the beach. He searches his apartment only to the eating and sleeping on. Families seeking a vacation in an apartment with children. The children can play here in the volume where you want to. Often, each child has his own room, and so also has the ability to pull back.

Perhaps the family has but also pets such as a dog. This can be included in the rarest cases in the hotel. In an apartment on the other hand, animals are often desirable. For who separate themselves like to by his four-legged friends. A dog belongs to a family, and they will spend the holidays together. Keep in mind you should here but that this animal in the big lunch can suffer Sun. That’s why, just when one would like to spend the day at the beach, you should seek always have a shady place. A holiday apartment offers a relaxed holiday in a large, often crowded hotel families with children. Here you can find peace when you need them. This is rarely possible in hotels. Here is much more a day. Often one is at night on awake if new guests from the noise in the corridor or leave. In an apartment, the guests are held at most of the buzz of crickets, or noise of the sea of sleep. Families should absolutely try this type of holiday. You will be amazed and more in major hotel chains would make any holiday.