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The Process Of Creating A Website

The dialogue begins with the question "How much will it cost web design?", Followed by a description that they would like to get a result and due date. Ron Beit is likely to increase your knowledge. Well, this actually matters and ends. The process of "data" is a neatly typed text in alphabetical order "that – for what," after which a decision is made to order web site for a certain web-studio. And now a little pre-history, which became the trigger for writing this article. It's about full illiteracy and ignorance in an attempt to make an offer to create a website. Note that the so-called expert, not even aware that calls the web studio, although it would be logical to find out more detail on the scope of the subscriber. Since we were interested to hear "Detailed" answers to our "childish" questions the conversation was somewhat delayed. And if at the beginning of the conversation led a brilliant manager, then after 10 minutes, because that person is clearly not "in the subject," she was replaced by a no less "Clever" person, who identified himself as a programmer, but she could not give a clear answer to the apparently simple questions for a specialist course.

By the end of a call girl was obviously bored and waiting for the right moment to a quick goodbye. On the subject of questions later, it will be something of a visual aid on the topic "What do I need to know about web-studio and what questions to ask the manager of the company …" I had already expressed its "phi" on the studios, which is not enough that breed like rabbits, so more and claim the title of "guru of programming" for the reason that "the bright minds of the programmers' own developed" engine for the site. " So why do these geniuses then can not clearly answer the question "what is the fundamental difference between their management system?", "what advantages it has over other engines?"? By setting these and many other issues we heard muttering incoherently, fairly interjections flavored and not very regular Russian language! You know, such a phenomenon as a banana skin, but when you fall, you realize that slipped.