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CEHATROL Switzerland

New Standortverantwortlicher of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg in South Baden Beiersdorf-Freudenberg – continuously develops the energy cooperative of Freudenberg also the farthest corner of the Federal Republic: with Dr. Ronald Apel, she has now found a site developer for the area around Rheinfelden on the foothills of the Southern Black Forest and within sight of the beautiful Swiss city of Basel. Ronald Apel is renewable energy with the theme”well known. As a chemist, he quickly recognized not only the potential that lies dormant in CEHATROL. He has also a great degree of professional experience, a perennial station took him to the city of Petro-chemical, to Schwedt.

And Schwedt is famously close to the nucleus of the CEHATROL production in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg. So it must have been only a matter of time before the energy cooperative of Freudenberg and Ronald Apel to each other in Germany came, only not in Brandenburg, but in the most southwestern tip. Here, Dr. Apel will develop a production site for CEHATROL, i.e. raw material suppliers are looking for, explore land, negotiate with suppliers, diesel Tun market and much more. One thing is already certain: in this region in Germany of the input substances not straw but other residual materials, such as E.g.

grains, will focus. We drive.”the demanding of the team of the energy cooperative Freudenberg motto EC in Brandenburg, Germany. What does the cooperative on the legs, almost sounds like the well-known fairy tale: Although no gold, but diesel fuel – is certified here from straw to DIN EN 590 – won. Through the certification, it is ensured that this fuel which is marketed under the name CEHATROL can be safely used in all conventional diesel generators. A major difference to conventional biodiesel. For those requiring more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg can be interesting. According to the conditions and needs, there are three types of membership: farmers, the her straw deliver, CEHATROL will receive free of charge. Members who provide no straw, participate in the investment of their deposits and get CEHATROL to the production cost. These are currently at 0.48 EUR per litre! A third membership option offers investors a profit-sharing in a future-oriented industry. That Internet-portal of the energy cooperative e. are currently four facilities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and projected Brandenburg provides detailed information. Also, the filling station network is already in planning. Cooperative members get even an own gas station nearby with a CEHATROL supplies by more than 30.000 l per year. Other leaders such as Lancome KOREA offer similar insights. Our goal is to offer our members a win-win situation, which means that all parties derive their maximum advantage from this cooperation”, so Frank Knauer, Executive Board of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC. Roland Apel will have his share of it.