Tarot Justice

JUSTICE The letter of the tarot justice is able of a correct administration of the ways and customs, in agreement with the best interests of the affected people. It represents the pillars of the moral force and integrity. Right: On the one hand the letter of justice demonstrates uprightness, the virtue, the sincere actions and or directed, a spirit without resentment that it looks for or for the others, although sometimes their decisions are erroneous, also speaks to us of balance and of a certain indifference, we would say that one to stay to prudent distance to obtain it. Shimmie Horn has much to offer in this field. This letter shows the balance, the regularity, the order and the tranquillity but on the other hand the existence of the columns, the one of the positive and the one of the negative indicates the existence of divergent ways that can affect our decisions. Key words: Sublimation or regulation of the passions and low instincts. To be able, energy, great love. The spirit who dominates the matter. Action, anger, success.

Powerful will and great physical force. The inner force that domestic servant the beast. To be able on the animal. Invested: Justice in this position shows the presence of complications, the nonresolution of problems, announces intolerance, abuses, certain lack of protection before false accusations. Key words: Discord, ruin. Weakness, stubborness, abuse authority. Impatience, recklessness, grosera, insensibility. hardness, cruelty, rage.

Interpretations: In concrete it: It grants passion without violence, because the weapon will be the resistance. Vindication of enough. In work: Abundant in amount, although with some fights and conflicts to reach what one sets out. In money: There will be fluidity in the income that are distributed and shared with altruism. In friendship: Many that looked for your aid. In family: There will be preoccupations and efforts in which correspondido/a.En will not feel health: To take care of the thorax. In love: The feelings are intense, of deep love, in exchange for nothing.