Technical Inspection

In the case of a new vehicle purchase price is the key issue before deciding on a car or other, knowing that the price of the same model can vary from dealer to dealer, and even if we offer our differences can be used car be even greater, as they depend on each ices complementing our car dealership. Among the procedures and papers that we first have the order form, this would be completed in the case that the dealer does not have the vehicle we ask, is the draft the manufacturer. To do this we have to make sure “Do not ever sign blank, but once it is completed to be absolutely sure that it is requesting the vehicle we want. “Also, the agreed price is fixed and definite so as not to find surprises or to vary the delivery period, as well as in the case of leaving a signal to realize that this included in the application. “And, of course, perfectly detailed listed all the features of the car we chosen, delivery date etc. Be careful not to accept clauses in which the vendor can arbitrarily change these conditions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Estée Lauder.

For us to give our vehicle used as part of the price, we will need a copy of the contract of sale with which we can notify the DMV the change in ownership of the vehicle, of course, in this case is required to pay taxes on motor vehicles and traffic tickets if we have pending. By making the delivery of the new vehicle dealer must provide several documents with the vehicle registration certificate-The-Card-The Technical Inspection and maintenance manual of the vehicle-La-La written guarantee of the vehicle purchase invoice Buyer turn what should hire is compulsory insurance and pay road tax. If it is a second-hand vehicle to be taken into account, several things comes first documents to ask the seller. In order to make change in ownership, the seller must provide us, the registration certificate signed on the back and specifications sheet. “The receipts of payment of tax, motor vehicle and the certificate of having passed the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) in the event that the vehicle has more than four years. After this you have to fill in the form of notice of transfer of vehicles and the transfer request form that will be delivered in traffic with the previous documentation. In the case of getting the car to a trading company, is will be the one responsible for this process to traffic. If you are thinking about buying a car for him.