Tel Winnerado

Profits of the current week: products by Acer, Nintendo and Canon Bad Homburg, March 9, 2009 profits was never so exciting: with, a portal that revolutionized the Internet sweepstakes starts today. True to the motto who correctly assess wins”has anyone here the chance to win attractive prizes and free of charge. Angelo mio has many thoughts on the issue. The game rules are extremely simple: each participant must only type, how many players will take part in the current round. Who is correctly positioned, has the prospect of high prices. In addition, participants on the tip statistics of past rounds can inform themselves. This makes typing even more exciting and greatly increases the chance of winning.

But not enough leads with winning”a: anyone who invites his friends and acquaintances to play along, further improved his chances. Because WINS one of the invitee, prize of inviting the same, unless he gave a tip in the current game round. Raffles is three times Weekly: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday profits varied, high-quality wave mainly in the fields of lifestyle and consumer electronics. Join is worthwhile in any case. “All players on following gains can enjoy in this week alone: raffle from Monday, March 09, 2009: Acer NetBook raffle off Wednesday, March 11, 2009: Nintendo DS drawing from Friday, March 13, 2009: Canon digital camera is the idea that behind, innovative and amazingly easy at the same time”, explains Bjorn Schwenzer, Managing Director of otrion GmbH, the operates.

With our Web site, we want to offer companies the opportunity to present their products to a wide audience. Consumers in turn can meet the products with us about the game and win as prizes. A tip to give takes in only a few seconds. Our goal is to be one of the busiest websites of in Germany in this way and continue to grow.” This fun of the game and fairness are first place. All services are free of charge for the players; at the same time, no user data passed to advertising partners. Here delimits aware of other services and is financed solely through product advertising and advertising related to the weekly prices. Companies can act as sponsor and book different products such as MicroSites, banners, skyscraper and also wallpapers, and thus reach a large target group directly. For more information about products and sweepstakes are available at. Press contact: A service of otrion GmbH Louise 58 61348 Bad Homburg Ramona Kesch E-Mail: Tel.: + 49.6172.9815 680-2