Temzin Merchant

While there may be those it seems to me only in comparison with a charming television movies in 2005. On the plot for those who read the same book Darrell, many can not speak. So the rundown kratenko. Dick Parsons may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Durrell family consisting of mother-widow (Imelda Staunton, in which children easily learn Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter), the eldest of three sons Lawrence, a novice writer (Matthew Goode), always shooting Leslie (Russell Touvi), romantic Margo (Temzin Merchant) and carried away by nature, Gerald (Eugene Simon), returned to Britain from India. Not surprisingly, after the hot Indian climate of England throws a family into the abyss of despair and enduring all sorts of ills. Larry can not calmly look at this little family, and initiates a move to Greece, close to the warm sea. May build a new place, the island of Corfu, the whole family begins to enthusiastically engage in what they each do best. Margo tans and turns heads all around, Larry writes, experiences and creativity of flour spoils the nerves to all those who do not hid, Leslie hunts and shoots for the soul, mother manages this bedlam, prepares and selects the location for its upcoming funeral, and the young Jerry explores the living world around them. His areas of interest on everything from insects and animals to local residents and the contentious relationship between the members of the family. Here is a piece of a happy and serene childhood that could not overshadow even the shadow of war (and the action takes place in mid and late 30-ies of the XX century) and passes in front of the viewer in just 90 minutes.