The Great Shift

Guess that would be pointless, we do not know this exactly, or just our mind can not understand it. The main thing – to realize that the Earth and humanity will occur very large-scale change, and they will, in general, positive, but only for those who survive the Great Shift, its not all survive. If we talk about the end times – is the change in frequency of our existence, when the category of time or at all disappear, or move to a new level. Some people say that Time will never, past, present and future merge together. Others claim that Earthlings will go with just a disharmonious 12:60 timing frequency to a harmonious 13:20. In any case, the category of time as it is now meaningless, it will be the end of time (this site). The Great Shift will allow people to use of 5%, as now, a lot more of your brain and consciousness. We will be available Telepathy, reality space of thought (materialization), and more about what we do not even suspect.

What else is important? How to survive the Great Shift, how to prepare. Those people who have fairly well-developed conscience, will make the jump to the next level easily, the other to develop their minds, it's the only way that will move to a higher level of existence. Our worst enemy – our same reason that keeps us within the framework of assumptions and beliefs. Problem – To go beyond that, as ideas about the world shared by a majority of people – flawed, imposed by the system (read about the impact on the system to an individual). Methods of consciousness are many, but the main thing – to understand that the world is not what we are taught to see it. More information can be read on the site, it is dedicated to the theme of the Great Shift, how to survive it and how to move beyond the erroneous conception of the world.