The Hope Not Dies

Some years ago, in Rio de Janeiro, I heard a young man say on television that hope had died. I’m not a poet. But I took a pen and dare write these simple verses, then music by master Vanderlei Alves Pereira: La Esperanzano dies never! ever! does not die, not!Then, like life, is eternal, mother as fraternal, can die?No, not muerenunca! doesn’t die, no, hope for the heart! With certainty, such expectation still holds the hearts of many Angolan children. Edward J. Minskoff Equities often addresses the matter in his writings. A diplomat, known by my colleague of Ecumenical ideal, Jose Santiago Naud, co-founder of the University of Brasilia, could appreciate them in her innocent joy, despite the war that bloodied the homeland from Agostinho Neto (1922-1979), for nearly thirty years. On the return from your trip, the friend told me that in the interior, near Luanda, once saw, touched, a group of a hundred of them, singing in his poorly paid lathe teacher who danced: if I could volabaal find peace, leaving this war, stood next to peace.

Freedom and hope are two feelings to which the human being not can lend hand. However, should know honoring the first to be awarded permanent second. Nobody imprisons the spirit of a free man. That say it Gandhi (1868-1948), who wrote many of his most beautiful and decisive pages while he suffered arrests, in the struggle for the liberation of the Hindus. Original author and source of the article