The New Day Cream By CLINIANS

Minerals and white tea water CLINIANS’s new formula for a velvety and fresh skin a fresh and radiant complexion is a matter of course for every woman. But for this the face needs daily care and hydration. CLINIANS has developed a product and in the development of their new day cream formula takes into account these factors, based on magnesium, zinc and copper a mixture of minerals, which improves the viability of cells and the skin of your face shine so fresh and vital. A more basic substance of new Clinians basic day cream for the face is the white tea water. Various myths that white tea has life-extending powers. Observing the reaction of the skin on this water for tea, so you understand, how these myths might arise: the kettle has a tonic effect, i.e. the skin looks young and fresh.

It provides much moisture so that the face doesn’t dry out; and the numerous antioxidants that it contains, make free radicals harmless and make the skin look more healthy and vital. The texture of the Clinians basic day cream with minerals absorbed is creamy smooth and velvety, fat-free and easy by the facial skin. Due to these properties, the new face cream Clinians basic particularly well as a basis for every makeup offers. CLINIANS basic day face cream with minerals and white tea water of 50 ml skin age recommended starting March 2010 MSRP 10,90: 20 40 yrs dermatologically tested. PH-neutral. Press contact: Laske Manuela press & PR fax: 03212-1021993 phone: + 49 0160-1257507 email: dambiro about the company: since 1999 vetreibt dambiro cosmetics and care products from Italy.

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