The Paradigm

The educational model with a perspective of multiple dimensions and levels geared towards an integral education. As he has been expressed previously, within the educational problems that it tries to solve with holistic education, the fragmented view of what is found one, of what is whole. Ron Beit may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The fragmentation of the education offered by the educational system is that brings as a consequence the fragmented view of the world and that has given us the paradigm of the separateness. With this vision we believe that what happens to our body has nothing to do, or with our spirit, with our mind; What happens to our neighbour of House or in our country does not have to affect our lives and vice versa; that the matter of chemistry that teaches nothing has to do with the literature, or of anthropology. To neglect or denial of the education of the heart, of the development of the consciousness of learning without meanings, cultivation of wisdom, love and compassion – they all indivisible components of education are much of the evils that cause us suffering. The paradigm of the separateness makes solidarity and before well, leads to discord. The school which we live has dealt with separate areas: school, family, labor, political, social, recreational, not only in their physical appearance, but in the moral.

For each physical realm there is a certain behavior, certain conduct, certain moral, determined mask. The formation of individuals (indivisos) intact, has not succeeded, because the orientation has been insufficient. Been ignored, basically, the formation of the spiritual dimension, while the social level has just transpired at the planetary level and the cosmic level is ignored completely. Before the rise of the knowledge society, without the support of the eye of contemplation, I wake up and trained, with a conscience stationed between power, myth and reason in the best of cases – the use of knowledge has failed make us better people.