The Proposal

It is given credit the importance of this project for the diverse benefits that the adventure sport can bring as work in team, overcoming, strategy, motor development, changes of behaviors and valuation of the nature, among others advantages. The practical experience of the researcher in lessons of adventure in particular schools also will have to subsidize the proposal of the implantation in public schools as well as the quarrel of this work. 2.0? EDUCATION, ADVENTURE AND CITIZENSHIP the school, beyond the transmission knowing objectified of them, also influence in the processes of socialization of the child being a basic part of the social construction of the individual and with boardings multidisciplining of activities of adventure as thematic and curricular activities, the school can contribute does not stop the development of the individual and fulfilling formation of the society and in the construction of knowing. In this direction, Lahire (1997, p.17) observes that ' ' the mannering, cognitivos projects and of evaluation of the child if constitute in the social relations, but necessarily, in the socialization primria' '. This process of socialization, that if it generally initiates in the family, is continuous and encloses all the life, being able in some instances to be more or less harmonic or contradictory.

The contact with other agent socializadores makes with that the children incorporate other cultural elements that extend its experiences and new forms of perception of the social world make possible it. Check with Edward J. Minskoff Equities to learn more. In the boarding of Bernstein (Apud SUNDAYS et. al. 1985), this incorporation of other cultural elements, that occurs for intermediary of the experience of formal educative experiences, implies a process of descontextualizao and recontextualizao of the socialization of the child in the family, and attributing with other sources and transversal subjects. Still as Bernstein (Apud SUNDAYS et. al. 1985, P. 55), ' ' the code that the child brings for the school symbolizes its identity social' ' , and the differentiation in the communication between the family and the school can generate a distanciamento between the socialization primary and the pertaining to school, has seen that each extract of the society creates its proper forms of communication and these are responsible for the transmission of the cultural characteristics of that group.