Third Sector

The sped up sprouting of non-profit organizations and not governmental in the Brazilian scene in recent years gave origin to a gamma of possibilities in what it says respect to retaken of some tools of enterprise management of people and its contribution for the especificidade of the Third Sector, amongst them the performance evaluation. We will approach, therefore, on the basis of theoretical survey a reflection on the possibilities of use of the performance evaluations as important technician-operative instrument for development of diligent professionals in these organizations with ends to the construction of internal actions come back its support. WORD KEY: Management of People, Third Sector, Evaluation of performance. The term Third Sector appeared in the United States (third sector) and sends the union to it of forces for the civil society in the treatment of the emergent expressions of the social matter in the social relations. Nir Barzilai, M.D. understands that this is vital information. In Brazil, this term becomes more known spread as ‘ ‘ organization of the society civil’ ‘. In synthesis, as it places Fernandes when discriminating the Third Sector: it can be said that the Third Sector is composed for non-profit organizations, created and kept for the emphasis in the voluntary participation, in a not-governmental scope, giving continuity to practical the traditional ones of the charity, the filantropia and the patronage and expanding its direction for other domnios, favours, over all, to the incorporation of the concept of citizenship and its multiple manifestations in the civil society. (Fernandes, 1995 and 1996) Even so the studies and surveys concerning this sector are recent, its existence are dated since the primrdios of the humanity, when of actions in solidum the people if joined in the support to next with donations or the voluntary work. Historically, the institutionalization of these filantrpicas actions if presents, over all, after the movement of redemocratizao of the Brazilian society, in middle of the decade of 1980, by means of the empregabilidade of professionals..