Time is Everything

Specialist indispensable person in the workplace, education, sports in general, in all areas and industries where a conveyer application of knowledge. and if we take into account the conveyer detailed design, the specialists in this field is still very, very necessary. But the essence of the mechanism and its main problem is that it can be easily replaced by other similar or more perfect. You can assemble a team of excellent professionals as a constructor. And everyone at the same time will do its work. Suppose that very well, but still only my own. Specialist vc will not be able to make the project agents. Landshaftnik will do the interior.

How to be in this case? If everyone will do only what he can. What positive results can be achieved in this case? It's like a grinder, which everything revolves and rotates out Depending on whether there is in it anything or not. It does its job and that's it. I think such "meat grinder" that just do their job, scored 99% of the design institutes. And why? Probably because the time it was put on the conveyor production professionals doing their job in the same specialist, who served as his own. It seemed to be a fantastic movie, where all the robots are controlled. But these and due time, which is called "stagnation." Everything worked, everything that is served, operated by one word. As a result, there was very little positive. Not to mention of course about the sport.