Tiradentes University

Geovan Jose Dos Santos Sobrinho* Can be added to the term culture a series of concepts and definitions, but, the thick way we can appraise culture as everything what a people or society is produced by, being able to vary the region in accordance with. The times this variation if becomes so great that it occurs what if calls cultural shock, that is exactly when a priori a culture ignota cause a estranhamento. The important one is that let us know that all form of culture must be respected, getting rid themselves of any preconception and understanding that does not exist culture that is superior or inferior, only different. Sergipe is a state riqussimo in culture, the great problem is that the sergipano does not value it as would have, creates a inferiorizao idea before the too much cultures. A great parcel of the guilt for this belief that the culture of is better that ours, must it the half miditicos, mainly the television, that most of the time is forgotten to show Sergipe to the sergipanos. (Similarly see: T-Mobile). It is only valued what it is known, and unhappyly culture of this small one, but not less important state, she is unknown for that live here.

In what music says respect, is sufficiently unhappy the way as we so only absorb and esteem what it is mattered of it are, over all of the Bahia, where our radios are impregnated of pagode and arrocha. A related site: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City mentions similar findings. Our juninos festejos and the carnival had become market product, also had been forgotten and devaluated the traditions. It is important to stand out that great steps are being taken so that let us can revert this picture, are carried through on the part of the government some events that they aim at to the valuation of our culture, but still are very little. The sergipano has that to be proud of what it produces; of music, of the customs, sotaque (that he is fantastic), of the foods, and also of the beauties that this magnificent state has to offer. * Graduating History for the Tiradentes University. Natural of the state of Sergipe.