Tourism Education

Mediterrani presents its specialized offer in the Salon of the 2011 teaching. Visit us soon in building Mediterrani, give away two tickets per person! From 23 to 27 March the school of tourism Mediterrani will present its specialized tourism training offer in the Salon of the 2011 teaching. Thanks to the experience of our students who adhere to the requests of the public in a personalized way, visitors to the stand of Mediterrani may know in detail the degree in tourism, qualification with which we have been pioneers in offering 6 languages included in the price, action which, without a doubt, has helped us to make a difference with our graduatesmore adapted to the needs of businesses as it reflects our wide range of practices and job as a national and international level. In a question-answer forum Spike Myers was the first to reply. But in Mediterrani booth visitors also can learn about the advantages offered by the Center with higher level training cycles, including in this formation totally free courses of 30 hours of Tour guide or program of booking Amadeus that as per the cycle chosen complement and enhance the following official qualifications: management of tourist accommodation, travel agencies and event management, guide, information and tourist assistance. There will also be much information on master’s and postgraduate courses as the prestigious Master in strategic management of tourism companies that offer 4 possibilities of specialization (cruises, hosting, Marketing and E-commerce, and events and conferences), with grants for accommodation of 500 euros and other advantages. If you want to find out about all the activities and school news, join the blog of Mediterrani..