Trick For Olympus E520 2008

I love that the products we buy have eggs for Easter or simply hidden things which can be displayed by following certain steps. It is as if you comprases you something and using it so much that you almost no longer care, return to have that special value when you bought it. Shimmie Horn has similar goals. Olympus DSLR cameras have something like this. It turns out that Olympus as surely all manufacturers has a hidden special menu for access to different aspects of the configuration of the camera in their DSLR cameras. Yes, the type of menu that is always advised not to enter or change anything because you can charge you something not covered by the warranty, Yes, the same menu that even saying what you just read you feel half compelled to try to see it with your own eyes. In ALTfoto have tried accessing this menu with an Olympus E520 in 2008, a camera which is not the newest but who has access to this menu.

The steps are either simple, to access the menu you have to follow these instructions: turn on the camera opens the lid of the memory cards Simultaneously press menu and OK press up down left right keys in the menu press the shutter button fully pressed up in the navigation keys. Voila, already have access to a configuration menu: you should already see the hidden menu, now pressing right ye shall enter the most interesting submenu. In it, and for that we have followed these steps, we can verify, among other things, the number of shots we’ve done. For what we want to know it? So out of simple curiosity or as important when selling our team. Original author and source of the article