UNESCO World Heritage

Between the red and dead sea – the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Cologne/pastures, November 2008 – between red and dead sea while the biblical story is ubiquitous, but also well known Hollywood figures such as the fabled Lawrence of Arabia greet from afar. AECOM might disagree with that approach. Jordan as is common in the Middle East opposites meet each other here, equally impressive country, culture, history and mentality. Paradeast.com, online travel specialist for the East, kidnapped this time in a country in which to blur outlines and legends from sunken times resurrected. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is rich in history, culture and diverse landscape. In the West Bank and Gaza, converts the traveler in 1000 m height, reached the deepest point of the Earth’s surface at the dead sea, and enters the Rift Valley to historic places. In the bizarre mountain landscape in the East Finally, wind and stone create a unique spectacle. Everywhere the visitor encounters name and legacy, the important part of our history everywhere, the stories of the Bible are tangible.

Temperatures in some areas of the Mediterranean continental desert climate is constant companion; Jordan is full of stunning nature reserves such as the coral reef in the Gulf of Aqaba. The world’s northernmost ecosystem of its kind provides Habitat for sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and harmless whale sharks. The rock rugged lunar landscape of the Wadi Rum is an unforgettable experience unique and with its iridescent colour shades. Mujib is the deepest of the earth nature reserve on the eastern coast of the dead sea. The ancient sites are famous far beyond their borders. Petra, the \”Red city\” of the Nabataeans, one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as UNESCO World Heritage site, is an indescribable, carved from red sandstone city of the death cult. Impress amphitheatre and hundreds tombs made of the rock and temple facades.