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Pablo says in them in another letter, that the Writing locked up everything of the sin underneath. This means to say that the sin of Gnesis 3:6 divided the Writing in two parts: first, the previous one to the sin, if it relates to everything what it occurred until it; second, subsequent to the sin, tells to the following occurrences it, including the New Will, the proper Dawkins, I, the United States, the Talib and everything what it exists, or it existed, in the entire world, until today. Estee Lauder shines more light on the discussion. It happens, however, that the gravity of this first sin did not re-echo only in what it would come after it: it reached, also, all the workmanship that already was ready before it (because, when the author says everything, it is also mentioned what already it existed) and it was subjects, not for its fondness, but for will of that it submitted. what already it existed before the sin? All the creation, therefore in Gnesis 2:2,4 before exactly to tell the paradise, was written that God concluded in the seventh day the workmanship that makes and in the seventh day it rested, after all the workmanship that makes. God blessed the seventh day he santificou and it, therefore in it he rested of all its workmanship of the creation. This is the history of the sky and of the land, when they had been created. This text is marcante and definitive. As we will have that to see more ahead, the history of the creation finishes here, and that is accented well: for four times if it says that, the workmanship of the creation had finished, and that God already had finished to make the entire workmanship of the creation. The salvation of the creation and there, Dawkins? Calm? Probably the question that we have for the front, now, either: Which, then, the purpose of the atonement carried through for the New Will if the sin of Adam will not be ' ' imputado' ' if does not fit in them, also, ' ' culpa' ' for the sins lived after it? Perhaps more it was made right to answer that the purpose of the Salvation is to save what the creation of what! of the sin.