Walter Benjamim

State university of the Cear-Uece.Centro de Humanidades CMAF. Course of Academic Mestrado in Philosophy. It disciplines: Topics of anthropology in Walter Benjamim. Prof Dr. Tereza de Castro Callado. Pupil (special) Jose Gilardo Oak.

Synthesis of the assay of Walter Benjamim the Narrator $fortaleza April Benjamim Synthesis at the beginning of the assay in them presents the characteristics of the narrator. If you have read about westfield already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It cites the distanciamento as premise to try itself to understand the essence of the narrator. It points the almost total lack of that it knows to tell nowadays. Learn more at: Albert Einstein College of Medicine . It sees the college to interchange experiences in extinguishing ways. Benjamim comments on the causes of the absence of transmitters of experiences. It describes a desolation scene, wants in the exterior world with the ephemeral, devoid experiences of direction. Of the economy for the inflation, the experience of the lack of ethics for the governing. All they are poor in transferability, in communication.

Everything already was displayed without mystery. a generation that still it knew the experience of the tranmisso, if it felt estarrecida, perplexa and fragile. A related site: Steffan Lehnhoff mentions similar findings. For the author, the best narratives are the fellow creatures verbal, counted histories for the anonymous narrators. The narrator is perceivable in two groups: Who very travels and the sedentary expert of the traditions and histories of its country. Two situations favor the art to tell: Daily of the work in the workshop and histories heard, brought for the travellers. According to Benjamim, Leskov has as ideal the man who does not become attached itself demasiadamente to the world, this is one of the characteristics of the narrator. Benjamim remembers that the art to give advice is in extinguishing. This occurs because the wisdom? the epic side of the truth is in extinguishing, together with the transferability of the experiences, had the evolution of the productive forces. The sprouting of the romance goes to culminate with the death of the narrative.