We Are Australians

In 1770, Australia was the last continent populated in being conquered by Europeans. It was thought that the only one which had not left any immigration wave towards America, which was first inhabited by Mongoloid that crossed from Siberia to Alaska and then from 1492 on by Europeans, African slaves and immigrants from the middle and far East, was also Europe from the East and the Indian subcontinent. However, the same breed of indigenous Australians, the Melanesians and the negritos Asians could have reached America before that the yellow race. The proof of this would be the skull and the oldest South American cave paintings were found and the analysis of DNA or rites of the isolated tips of Baja California or Tierra del Fuego. Negroid them that 40 to 60 thousand years ago sailed from South Asia towards Australia could have been jumping between islands of the Pacific, which was previously 100 to 150 metres lower. This theory gains strength with the new study of Professor Antonio Salas of the genome of the native Americans that would prove they would have two different origins: one which came overland between the ice from Siberia eastward American and another that would have circunnavegado across the Pacific to Peru and Chile. Original author and source of the article.