Weather And Depression

They say that it has days for everything in this world. It has days of sun and days of rain, days of sadness, days of joy, days of hunter and days of the hunting. I never believed very these things until my day arrived. I always liveed in the city. It has more diversions, more movement and mainly more women. Then, of threading in such a way me in the head that in the hinterland the life is more healthful, amena, less problematic, I finished buying a farm. They do not go to assume you that I am a rich, full comrade of culture and the devil the four. As in the life it has the first time for everything, I followed the order and I started to give one of farmer.

For this I vendi everything what I had in the city and was of cuia luggage and for the hinterland. It was good, I confess sincerely. I was same needing a rest I suffocate of it, run-I run of it of the city. There I lived with the family and the servant. This was during two months, without problems. It had many hens, cattle, pigs and great planted area. I decided of a time for all to live in the farm, only the children who were to study would remain in the city.

To the handle of two months it started to disappear pigs of the chiqueiros. It had more than a thousand pigs will chiqueiro in it. She was true a porcada one. The fence was done of piled up woods, being well juntinhos one of the other. Pig did not pass exactly. It had until a bush for the pigs, so great was the chiqueiro. We made an inquiry and we discover that age ounce art.