When To Buy And When To Rent

Rent your home, new or second hand and you decide, as agreed with the owner, at what point to buy. It has a time limit, depending on each owner up to three years and when you decide to execute the purchase option will be granted up to 100% of what you paid for rental of the final purchase price. 1 .- The rental option is a contract where one party, promissory, is obliged to sell something to another elector, if she chooses to buy. 2 .- In the option has to state the value of the future sale and the length of time that the beneficiary has to exercise its right to purchase. 3 .- It may be a separate contract or be contracted as part of another contract (eg lease).

4 .- You can register at the Land Registry to be enforceable. Here is an example of option clause agreed as more within a lease. The possibilities are endless, depending on the will of the parties: It is in favor of the tenant a right of option on the rented premises. The housing price is set at the amount of one hundred eighty thousand euros. If the tenant exercises this right, the lessor shall deliver the property free of liens and encumbrances. The right of option shall expire two years from the date of this document.

The resolution of the lease before that date will lead to the revocation of the right of choice. The right of option will increase public write within one month from the date of this document for registration in the Land Registry. The expenses resulting from the writing and its subsequent registration shall be borne by the lessee. If you exercise the option shall be expressed sale. Any expenses incurred will be shared according to the Civil Code.. For more information – Rental franchises in Spain – Rent of apartments, rental apartments, rental, commercial rental, office rental, leasing purchase.