Windows Taktifol

Taktifol and fire Hagenbach develop a compelling medium to the representation of the situation. Any experienced military leaders know the situation: several squads are big production in a building fire in use. After a short time, the vehicles of the adjacent Weirs arrive. Now, it is considered to keep track! Where are the vehicles? Which squads meet which task? Someone already has a floor plan of the House? Total thickness? When again was arrival time the? If you had only the large planning table from the meeting room here! Once again they improvise and somewhere glued to a sheet of paper. More important information listed the military head to any block that is carried in the Pocket. The fire brigade in the southern Palatinate Hagenbach has prepared a brilliant end this malaise: together with the Taktifol developed great tactics films that stick anywhere and reliable. The secret of Taktifol is the static charge”, Taktifol-chef Sebastian Zinsmeister said.

And indeed, the bow stick reliable on every door, on every vehicle, even on walls or Windows. And they can be of course to use cleanly. When you use the corresponding Taktistick pens, each caption can be with a dry paper towel or simply with the finger wipe again. Thus the representation on Taktifol can be adapted with changes in the usage situation at any time the situation. Adhesive symbols for vehicles, squads, fires, etc. are will round off the range and make Taktifol for every military leader so valuable as a complete Planning Board but he can take Taktifol in your pocket to the site! Originally, Taktifol is designed for football coach four years ago and quickly became the standard medium across all game categories. Dennis Abbey Garcia, head of logistics at Taktifol and at the same time fire chief and leader who realized the benefits, the film also for the fire brigades may have FF Hagenbach. At a meeting with management and military management was to quickly agree, that one should call Taktifol with a special pressure for representing location on fire missions in life.

Together with Volker Zaucker, military leader of the fire brigade of Hagenbach and Thomas Schneider of the integrated control Center South Palatinate, the printed image was designed in some sessions. “We had to find a good mix between required fields, fields for managing individual squads, as well as fields that are freely writable because every military leader has other ideas, as he represents its position”, said Volker Zaucker. Goal was to create a film which satisfies almost all situations”. A large area for the graphical representation of the location with freely definable scale rounds out the foil. “Even veteran fire members of the Hagenbacher Fire Department, have really been much experienced, reflected positively surprised by Taktifol: actually we have waited for years for this product!”