Wolfram Running

60,000 Shoelaces were tied and 30,000 people sat down after the go-ahead Munich, 18.07.2013: it is always an impressive image: 30,000 people who go together to launch and celebrate pure skiing pleasure and the anniversary no thunderstorms! joked Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co. KG. Contact information is here: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Also Henry Maske and Joey Kelly were present at the running spectacle. The history and the concept of the companies run were highlighted at the press conference. There are magic moments, when one arrives at this event in the stadium”, as Wolfram M. Kons, General Manager of the B2RUN Charitypartners RTL we help children”.

“This is the best thing that could happen to the running of the barrel is perfectly organized”, Joey Kelly praised the German company country championships and went for the umpteenth time his KYOCERA team at the start. Click Robin Ruzan to learn more. Also ex-boxing champion Henry Maske has his running team of Christinen. The participants are worn by the overall atmosphere during the run,”which expressed “Gentleman” and handed over with Carsten Thomas Hess, the Managing Director of Christinen Brunnen, a cheque in favour of RTL, we help children “. Previously, mask had a special honor: he was allowed to be in the course of the B2RUN of the Olympic Lake at the Munich Olympic walk of stars perpetuate. And then it all started: 60,000 shoelaces were tied and 30,000 people Joey Kelly sat down after the launch of endurance in movement. Memories have been awake at the kick-off party, because he played many years ago with his family”.

It went through the Olympic Park 6.5 km and hardworking participants have been consistently accompanied by inspiring and motivating calls of the audience. Shortly before the end of the line, then all the runners again really gave gas, because the traditional finish in the Olympic Stadium roused the last forces. Exhausted but happy participants crossed the finish line and were rewarded not only with a great atmosphere, but especially with drinks by Christinen and ERDINGER non-alcoholic beer.