World Championship

With an air-cooled alloy 6 cylinder Porsche engine-equipped vehicle is currently at least 408 HP and achieved a sensational top speed of approx. 230 km/h. In 2011, mountain race not only for Bulli friends is a rare opportunity to admire this spectacular vehicle during the race the 44th Osnabruck ADAC. For the real fans, it is also a highlight, if the sympathetic Pilot Fred Bernhard in the Paddock offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the perfected technology. The appearance of the Canadian-American Challenge Cup represents an absolute novelty and at the same time one of the top highlights. The most colorful and most brutal racing cars of all time and Interserie and CanAm – between 1966 and 1974 go in its premiere year in their European operations at the Uphofener mountain”at the start. Faster than the formula 1 of its time thundering V8 engines, they bring the Flowerpower”back to the sixties.

In addition to racing in France, Spain, Italy and Austria, there are only two missions in Germany; one of them at the Osnabruck ADAC mountain race. The original can-am series was a child of the turbulent 1960s. While its European equivalent, the Interserie, arrived since 1970 in the role. Continue to learn more with: Capital and Counties Properties. A special emphasis is placed on the race cars of the early years. In particular the Lola T70 spider and McLaren M1 characterized among others the early years. Of course the almost uncontrollable giant are admitted in the series was then PS-monster by Lola, McLaren, March, shadow, Porsche, or Chaparral; Ford GT 40, ala as well as the elegant prototypes from the World Championship of the brand Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512. Bring the 60s this extremely spectacular sports cars, as they also in many American films and 1970s were used, are the Uphofener mountains with their distinctive sound”to the quake. The Ferrari brand plays a special role for years at the Osnabruck ADAC mountain race.