Zirconium Oxide

For the practitioner, the long-term durability is without not to assess knowledge. Dental master laboratory and dental company Smilodent has for some years on market-leading position for very high quality all-ceramic restorations of zirconium oxide. Very good basic materials and the choice of best CAD CAM software, as well as milling machines of the company Wieland and KVo, provide for an exceptionally high standard of quality of the final product and market acceptance and customer satisfaction. Edward Minskoff contains valuable tech resources. Last but not least, certainly the unusually low price, a crucial role played for the success of in recent years. Now with new materials, should also made in germany , everything still be better. In January 2011, the Smilodent GmbH cooperates with a new partner for the production of zirconium oxide blanks. It involves dental directly from Spenge, which produces blanks in his glass factory to highest standards of quality to the company. The entire production process is detailed, understandable.

The certificates of CE certification and the investigations of the certificates of origin of the raw material to the complete technical documentation. For the quality of a Zirkonroxidversorgung, factors such as the powder for the blank, the pressing forming and sintering process play a crucial role. A homogeneous material structure in the blanks is the basis for the very good flexural strength and clinical long-term durability of Dental restorations made of zirconium oxide. Only the best quality of powder is suitable for the production of look good dental zirconium oxide blanks. Only the clinically proven zirconia raw mixes of firm Tosoh are processed. This basic material has established itself as a quality standard with long term experience in dental technology. Target blank pressing is an absolutely homogeneous density. This is among other things important to exclude the risk of cracking. The blanks are first uni-axial pressed into mould, before they are given in an elastic mould and through a fluid medium isostatically for compacts are.