Monthly Archive: June 2014

Safe System Approach

Among drivers as the most problematic group are young men (and recently received a license). As a result, the biggest challenge for road safety represent us, relatively speaking, youth, speed and alcohol. It is clear that the next program will include measures that will primarily affect the main causes of mortality and serious injuries. Safety of international road traffic is considered more often in terms of the so-called systems approach 'Safe System Approach'. The starting point for road safety in this model of thinking a person's ability to minimize the possible harm resulting from the various conflicts and allowed them to errors. Thus, a person, trying to follow the rules (speed limits, security, renunciation of drinking and driving) in the case of a possible accident will not die and will not seriously injured. Successful outcome of an accident promote safe transport environment and safety features of vehicle funds.

This model is the basis of road safety strategy in Finland: 'The principle of system design is to prevent traffic deaths and injuries in road accidents. " Ensure road safety also contributed to the physical separation of opposing traffic flows (dividing strip) and the adjustment of the speed limit. In the short term 'intelligent transportation' in automotive industry will be an increasingly significant role, especially in a situation where the number of fatal accidents will be significantly reduced compared with the current level. There is a system by which the driver through training, education and policing strongly support in its quest to act in accordance with established rules.