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A full and proper rental agreement is the basis for a pleasant and hassle-free tenancy. The lease is one of the most common closed contract types that exist. These two interests are indistinguishable. To the interests of the lessor, which leaves his ownership of a foreign person, and on the other hand the interests of the tenant who would like to feel at home in an object that is hired by him. Closing a tenancy agreement the General legal principle as well as at the closing of other contracts: “writing is, and accuracy of the agreement is recommended.” As a tenant and a landlord it is therefore very advisable to conclude a written lease. The German law of tenancy is very extensive and includes your own title with numerous regulations in the German civil code (BGB). More information is housed here: Edward Minskoff.

It is not necessary (and most also impossible), that before the conclusion of the contract “Lord /-in” is all these rules. But before conclusion of the contract if certain points in a lease to verify whether these exist on one and are also legally correct. Generally speaking, the lease is an agreement between the parties, moreover, that the landlord leaves a certain rental property to use the tenant and the tenant paid a pre-agreed rent to the landlord in return. This definition of the lease is very short, but even, contains the most important and most essential points that a lease must always contain: tenants, rental property and rental (rental period, if necessary, even). Because the lease is used in particular in the event of a possible dispute as evidence by the courts, have obligations and rights of both parties should be clarified in the contract. Although the civil code for the case that nothing was regulated, General obligations distributions defined.

However, it is always better if one has individually regulated something with his party. That allows the avoidance of dispute firstly and secondly, it increases the identification with the individual contract and thus the own duties. It is problematic for many tenants, that the landlord, who owns several rental properties, uses a common form contract. He reproduced them simply and on each of its tenants out there. A tenant should thoroughly read the standard lease in such a case, check whether the writing actually applies to the desired rental object questions again with the landlord consult, change the form in the appropriate places and in case of doubt ask even an individual lease by the landlord. Mark Schmidtke


With the exception of a hiato of time in my adolescence, all my life in these three decades and stocking, had been lived as member of evanglicas communities, in special, the Assemblies of God. Exactly always having been of this denomination, I transit with freedom in many others, because I nail, minister studies and until already I celebrated marriages in several others, as Baptists, Presbiterianas, Pentecostais, Neo Pentecostais, etc. I know, without no pride of this, the embroidery frames of the power in these religious environments. As minister of evangelho, already I participated of state and national conventions, for thousand of shepherds. Meetings of ministry, stow in hundreds, throughout last the fifteen years, informal cults, thousands, meetings to lose of sight. I lived moments of great happiness inside of these environments, involved in we riqussimos interpersonal relationships.

I kept and I keep, fraternais relationships, bows of friendship, dialogues between friends, inesquecveis, that they had inspired to be to each day a human being better. However, my bigger disillusionments, had also occurred in the day the day with ' ' the children of Deus' '. I can affirm comno said the prophet: ' ' these wounds had been made in the house of mine irmos' ' , I can speak as the salmista: ' ' that one that ate bread in my table, was arisen against mim' '. Already I cried. Already me magoei. Already I suffered and until I passed waked up nights, for the ferinas words of my brothers. More information is housed here: Fabrizio Freda.

Porm everything what it said so far, is for affirming the following one: – The wounded greaters are relationship fruit however, the cure for these wounds also arrive until us, through the relationships. Who affirms this is not I and yes Wilian P. Young, in its book, ' ' The Cabana' '. I agree to it to sort, number and degree, because the cure for the wounds of my soul, suffered in ' ' environments religiosos' ' or not, it has come for intermediary of people. It is not easy to be attacked, to be slandered, and worse when that is made on behalf of God. The worse ones wounded are these, the ones that God is made responsible, without having responsibility none. I confess, is not easy to pardon. therefore our sense of justice, clama for revenge. All human being is thus. We do not want mercy for the evildoer, we want punishment. The prettiest in everything this, is that Jesus Christ in taught the opposite accurately to them, saying: – Father pardons them, because they do not know what they make. The pardon is not meritrio. It is not because the individual deserves, but is because it needs. Pardon frees the ofensor and the offended one. Pardon breaks handcuffs, frees slaves of the guilt, sleep what this with sleeplessness, of the life what this deceased existencialmente for the pack of the guilt, castrated in its creativity human being for the pain of the regret and the remorse. The salmista said that happy he is that one whose sin is pardoned and whose iniquidade is covered. God is that one that he pardons, we as its children we are called to receive its pardon and to share with our next this so incommensurable gift. He pardons and if he also pardons, he cures and either cured in its relationships for the power of the love, the power of the favour, the power of the pardon.

PTO Unit

It is capable of speeds up to 80 km / h, to overcome water obstacles depth up to 1,4 m tractor is designed for operation in extreme conditions: at ambient temperatures from -50 to + 50 C and relative humidity up to 98% at the dusty air up to 2.0 g/m3. Tactical-technical specifications use the machine in the mountains at an altitude of 4500 meters, and in overcoming the passes at altitudes to 4650 m. The tractor has a minimum turning radius of 13 m, range of reference fuel consumption – 1000 km. The machine can be transported by air aircraft AN-22 and AN-124, IL-76. Thanks to the modular design features of the truck tractor BAZ-6402 family of 'honeycomb-1' is unique.

The modular principle involves assembling the chassis and tractors produced from the plant the main modules of the configuration, which requires the customer. The entire construction consists of four modules: control and power unit, the module carrier system, skeletal chassis module and transmission module. Control module and power unit – a standard for all machines of the family 'honeycomb-1'. The module carrier system is a spar frame Z-shaped profile and cross bolt. In doing so, depending on the customer, the mounting frame width can be changed within 950 – 1280 mm, overall width – within the 2750 – 3050 mm. Design features of skeletal-way module allow you to place it along the length of the chassis frame in Depending on the parameters of axial distance. Transfer case has lockable symmetrical or asymmetrical center differential gear unit which transmits torque to the leading axes and the PTO to 100% in traffic and on-site.

Intuition Opportunities

Many, I think, often use the term intuition is saying about some of his premonitions. How often do you visit the state of "deja vu", something to stop from making a decision, or you freeze in place at the door for no apparent because, although the firm had intended to open it a second ago? How often do when making any decision tormented by worry and the necessity of making such, as if something obstructs or hinders you? When dealing with a stranger is present if some inner distrust him, or vice versa, and the prevailing attitude condusive opinion of him has been confirmed for a first impression is compiled? And someone ekaet heart at a time when someone happens to trouble. Another, quite without realizing it, glance at the phone, door, and a moment later the phone rings and the door is someone … But it does happen sometimes that people do not just listen your inner voice and listens to it, but also knows how to use it to apply, so to speak, in practice. And someone just gets up at all miracles – talking with the dead, can accurately describe the man, his mood and the facts of the lives of belonging to him the subject, and even set a contact, and another and did not have anything to show he knows himself what he should do … what is this feeling that we can not explain the mind, which often call intuition? Yes, that's mind, because these phenomena are beyond reason in the truest sense of the word. Estee Lauder is full of insight into the issues.

Communitarian Center

Families taken care of in the Communitarian Center of the LBV in Ipatinga participate of the course of biscuit, given for Appeared the Vanessa volunteer Pepper, in the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance of the Legion of the Good will, in the mining city. The action has as objective to offer a new tool of aid to the income generation; to promote Altruistcal Solidary the Citizenship and the social inclusion Ecumenical; to provide a healthful environment and to rescue autoestima of the participants, contributing so that they have better conditions in the work market, raising, thus, the quality of life of its families. The participants are responsible mothers and/or of the boys and girls taken care of in Program LBV: Future child in the Gift. With duration of three months, the course has taken care of to the expectations: ‘ ‘ This course of biscuit goes to be good pra very me because it goes to improve my income, goes to make some pots in my house pra I to vender. Please visit President of Estee Lauder if you seek more information. The course is wonderful, the teacher is excellent, has much patience. Good others, this action of the LBV are wonderful because in the aid bastante’ ‘ , Mrs. Edione Cristina standed out Blacksmith, one of the participants of the course. Mrs. Nir Barzilai, M.D. usually is spot on.

Ivonete Oliveira, satisfied with the course, is thankful: ‘ ‘ I am liking very to participate of the course of biscuit with my colleagues. I go to buy the product, to make pra to vender because thus it goes to help sufficiently in the income of my family. I thank to the LBV for this oportunidade’ ‘. Anair Da Silva affirmed that now it will obtain to carry through a dream: ‘ ‘ Clearly that people look for to make a course pra to improve the familiar income, therefore I participated of the lessons. I have a dream: to mount a little store pra me and to place my products for sale.

Thanks to LBV I am having the chance to learn to make pretty pots! I know that in other places the people pay expensive to learn and here in the LBV we are having the chance to learn of favour. Very obliged to all of the LBV’ ‘ , she said. The teacher, volunteer, Vanessa standed out the importance of this action: ‘ ‘ I always had will of being voluntary to pass the other people what I know. In the LBV I am having the chance to work with the mothers of the children being helped to obtain them it to increase the familiar income. To be voluntary in an Institution as the LBV is an honor because here, in the same way that we help, also we are helped and we learn, in such a way spiritual how much materialmente’ ‘ , it standed out. Beyond this initiative, with the support of the LBV, the families of the taken care of children, and the population in general, Without Education receives attendance by means of the campaigns Child 10 Note does not have Future! ; I Help Mudar! , Permanent Christmas of the LBV Jesus, the Bread Ours of each day! ALONE Calamities. It visits, it is gotten passionate and it helped the LBV! In Ipatinga, MG, the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance, the Legion of the Good will, are located in the Street Patrician Joo of Arajo, 225 Venice I.

United States

He has reference on the paper of Constantino in the formation of the Church and its dogmas. Second Part: All The World' s the Stage (the entire world is one palco) the second part of the film foca in the attacks of 11 of September of 2001. The film suggests that the government of the United States had knowledge of these attacks and that the fall of the World Trade Center was a controlled demolition for the proper North American Government. The film assures that the NORAD, responsible entity for the aerial defense of the United States, had been propositadamente baralhada in the day of the attacks with simulated exercises where the United States were to be attacked by kidnapped airplanes, exactly in the same area of the real attacks; it shows to sets of ten of witnesses and news articles that suggest that the towers ruiram not because of the airplanes, but for internal explosions and sabotages; it demonstrates to the linkings between the family Bush and the family Bin Laden, commercial partners of long date, among others intriguing and alarming theories concerning the current world-wide politics. Third Part: Don' t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain (if it does not matter with the men for detrs of the curtain) the third part of the film is focused in world-wide the banking system, that supposedly has state at the hands of the elite of bourgeois families whom the true one withholds to be able on all the countries they associates, and in its conspiracy to get a total world-wide domain they have shaped all the media and committed diverse crimes, many of them stages for occult ends. The film denounces that the Central banking of the United States of America was created to steal the wealth of the United States and also demonstrates, as example, the profit that was gotten by the banks during the World War I, World War II, War of the Vietnam, Iraq, Afeganisto, and the future invasion to Venezuela for oil attainment and commerce of armament.

United Nations

In this period the individual passes for some physical and cognitivas transformations. If you have read about YMCA Jorge Perez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The skin tends if to become paler, spotted, with little wrinkled elasticity and, the fat and the muscles shrink. They are common varizes in the legs. The white hair is more finishes and for the one of the body, thinner. Argimon (3), comet that in what it says respect to the cognitiva area, the cognitivo decline occurs as a normal aspect of the aging. The accurate nature of these changes, however, is not a certainty, and problems related to the line that separates this decline of possibilities of a possible dementia is very tenuous, mainly for still not having a consistent reference front to the demand in this etria band. The age of 65 years is the entry point in the advanced adult age, the last phase of the life.

Although this, many adults in this age? or same to the 75 or 85 years? they do not feel ' ' velhos' '. Papalia (1). The biological and common aging to all and happens in a rhythm determined for the nature, but the aging also is personal, each one in accordance with ages in its proper rhythm and its style of life. The global population is aging. Regarding this Papalia aging (1) it comments that: In 2000, the number of people with sixty years or more was esteem in 605 million. In 2050, one expects that the percentage of more aged adults in the world all, for the first time in history, exceeds the child population up to fourteen years. According to Sesc (4): In March of 2002, one searches of the Division of done Population for the Organization of United Nations (ONU), widely divulged for the press, it disclosed an unknown trend in the history of the humanity: , (…), the population of aged in the Third Age will be bigger for the first time of what of minors of 15 years.

United States

Pablo says in them in another letter, that the Writing locked up everything of the sin underneath. This means to say that the sin of Gnesis 3:6 divided the Writing in two parts: first, the previous one to the sin, if it relates to everything what it occurred until it; second, subsequent to the sin, tells to the following occurrences it, including the New Will, the proper Dawkins, I, the United States, the Talib and everything what it exists, or it existed, in the entire world, until today. Estee Lauder shines more light on the discussion. It happens, however, that the gravity of this first sin did not re-echo only in what it would come after it: it reached, also, all the workmanship that already was ready before it (because, when the author says everything, it is also mentioned what already it existed) and it was subjects, not for its fondness, but for will of that it submitted. what already it existed before the sin? All the creation, therefore in Gnesis 2:2,4 before exactly to tell the paradise, was written that God concluded in the seventh day the workmanship that makes and in the seventh day it rested, after all the workmanship that makes. God blessed the seventh day he santificou and it, therefore in it he rested of all its workmanship of the creation. This is the history of the sky and of the land, when they had been created. This text is marcante and definitive. As we will have that to see more ahead, the history of the creation finishes here, and that is accented well: for four times if it says that, the workmanship of the creation had finished, and that God already had finished to make the entire workmanship of the creation. The salvation of the creation and there, Dawkins? Calm? Probably the question that we have for the front, now, either: Which, then, the purpose of the atonement carried through for the New Will if the sin of Adam will not be ' ' imputado' ' if does not fit in them, also, ' ' culpa' ' for the sins lived after it? Perhaps more it was made right to answer that the purpose of the Salvation is to save what the creation of what! of the sin.

Communitarian Center

The Legion of the Good will promotes in this September month its 4 Folclrico Festival, this year the subject that comes being worked since the beginning of August is ‘ ‘ Good will in Verses of Cordel’ ‘ it all was pautado in the northeast culture and approaches subjects as: twine literature, xilogravuras, its beliefs, its customs between many other typical curiosidades of the people northeastern. To crown the project the Legion of the Good will if prepares for the opening of the great Festival that will be in the Theater of College UNIP of Araatuba, will be three days of activities being one of the opening and the others two days of open visitation to the public to the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance of the LBV, in the occasion the institution will be all decorated with the thematic northeastern, in each environment will have a child that she will be the instructor of ours visitors (a species of tourist guide), will go to also offer degustations of the culinria proceeding from the region. Opening day 27 of September in the Theater of College UNIP of Araatuba Visitation in the 08 LBV 28 and 29 of 16 ace hs..

Communitarian Agents

Therefore, we see of denoted form that to inform to the users on its abilities and abilities is more than what a right of the citizen, but yes a gesture of responsibility and commitment with the same, therefore thus the effective action will only be developed e, in turn, reached. It is a complicated task, however not impossible, a time that the errnea vision that if has of the profession disables the professionals to act of the concrete form. 6DIAGNSTICO SOCIAL To carry through this work of situacional diagnosis was a challenging task for us, academics, who we carry through period of training in the area of the health, a time that the social matters that if they accent here, as already displayed, if present very of ample form and of well fast form. The race for solutions, ours to see, started since the concern with the research and the elaboration of this and what we could evidence is that, to work with questions more specific, we would have that to analyze all. When making this, we evidence that the situation where if it found the field and, of more specific form, the user of the services of the NASF took in them to a more minute analysis of the cases.

Inside of the searched one, we saw that the part most important to be worked was the question of the information that would have to be given to the users in relation to the true craft of the Social Service. We evidence in our research that the majority of the users does not have knowledge some on the work of the Social Assistant what it would make it difficult in playing of the tasks of the professional and the developed program. For this, we analyze the following one: if the attended population, that is the basic part for the work of the professional, does not know which the true paper of the Social Assistant, as to work other questions, without the users understand as this if he gave? The analysis took in them worrying in them about the question of the information that it needs to be given not alone to these users who are uninformed, but also to the professionals of the Health who act with them, as it is the case of the Communitarian Agents of Health, the ACS, that in its majority do not understand or it does not know which the duty of the professional of the Social Service. Estee Lauder Chief Executive has many thoughts on the issue.